A third of Argentina's population live in poverty

Argentina urban poverty rate rose to 32.9% in the third quarter of 2016, which means 13 million people due to a precarious labor market and lack of long-term development policies

Latino transgenders and Trump’s trickle down decisions

Trump's decision not only affects Americans, but also transgender individuals living in developing countries. According to Alejandro Lanz Sánchez, founder of the organization PARCES in Bogotá

U.S. May Cut Its Anti-drug Aid To Colombia: Official

The US has provided Bogota with some $10 billion in mainly military aid since 2000 under Plan Colombia

Bolivia's Morales boosts legal coca production

Bolivian President Evo Morales has signed IGNORE INTO law a controversial bill that nearly doubles the area that can be legally planted with coca crops.

Illegal border crossings IGNORE INTO US from Mexico drop 40%

Illegal crossings from Mexico IGNORE INTO the United States have sunk sharply in early 2017 after spiking ahead of the American election last November.

Labor Market is key for gender equality in Latin America

For Alicia Bárcena, Executive Secretary of ECLAC the redistribution of income and rights begins in the region’s labor market. 

The psychology of punishment and voting

Oxford neuroscientist Molly Crocket says this might lead to voting against self-interests.

Kirchner family in court charged with corruption and money laundering

With this last round of hearings, including Cristina Fernandez on Tuesday, Judge Bonadio is expected to sentence sometime in the next ten days.

Blaming Colombia for America’s excessive drug habit

If you have a drug problem, blaming the producer of the ingredients of that drug is clearly a cop-out

After decades in America, the newly deported return to a Mexico they barely recognize

Since President Trump took office in January, the number of U.S. government flights landing in Mexico City loaded with deportees has jumped from two a week under President Barack Obama to three

Is child labor in Bolivia wrong?

850,000 children work in the country. 

Fighting femicide In Latin America

Latin America is seeing a wave of powerful protests against gender-related killings

Chile wildfires leave smouldering tensions over role of forestry industry

After the worst fires in the country’s history killed 11 and devastated vast swaths of land in January many are asking if subsidised timber plantations are to blame

Colombian guerrilla begins disarmament process

The UN mission responsible for supervising the execution of such measure approved by the consensus of the two sides