Paraguay president backs off re-election bid

The President of Paraguay, Horacio Cartes, says he will no longer seek re-election after his bid to change the constitution triggered rioting.

Controversial Canada mining company sues Colombia for $700M

The lawsuit could be one of many as ongoing civilian resistance and increasingly strict environmental regulations

How can Peru prepare to withstand more devastating floods and landslides?

After record rains caused $3bn worth of damage, Peru must build infrastructure to prepare for any more extreme climate events in the future

Michel Temer government in big trouble

A judge on Brazil’s Supreme Court authorized new corruption investigations this week involving dozens of the country’s most powerful politicians

Lula for president 2018

Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said on Tuesday that he is “prepared” and “ready” to run for re-election in the 2018 election

UN almost finished registering FARC weapons

The UN Mission in Colombia is on the verge of completing the registry of about 7,000 weapons formerly held by FARC

UN almost finished registering FARC weapons

The United Nations Mission in Colombia is on the verge of completing the registry of about 7,000 weapons formerly held by the FARC guerrillas

State violence at opposition protests in Venezuela

Grammy Singers, Governors and Lawmakers All Teargassed in Venezuela Protests, 188 arrested for demonstrating against Venezuelan ruler as helicopters drop teargas on peaceful protestors

Opponent of Venezuela’s ruler is barred from holding office

A Venezuelan politician seen as a main contender to challenge President Nicolás Maduro in next year’s election has been barred by the government from holding public office for 15 years.

Paraguay's youth mobilize against their president

Horacio Cartes’s plans to amend constitution to draw out term has incensed students to take action against police violence and government’s abuse of power

How are Peñalosa’s plans impacting the development in Bogotá?

Bogotá Mayor’s Office released a press note highlighting the most important changes and ongoing plans in the city

Brazil has the best universities in Latin America

Last year’s inaugural Times Higher Education Latin American University Rankings featured five Brazilian universities in the top 10

Uruguay gives pharmacies green light to start selling marijuana

Uruguay's three-year process of legalizing recreational cannabis consumption reached its final stage on Thursday, when the government said it would authorize pharmacies to begin selling the substance as of July.

Colombia opens investigation into deadly Mocoa landslide

The Colombian authorities have ordered an investigation into a deadly landslide that swept through the south-western town of Mocoa.