War in Chechnya

Vladimir Putin's Other Wars

Since the arrival of Vladimir Putin to the presidency of Russia, the transcontinental country has participated in different conflicts. This is how Putin's other wars have been

Soldier in open field and elderly person in quarantine

Latin America in Short: New Massacre in Colombia | Shanghai in Quarantine

This week a new massacre has been announced in Colombia, this time at the hands of the Army. In global news, Shanghai is in crisis due to the strict quarantine due to COVID-19. This and more in our weekly summary

Covers of the books

5 books on politics to read this Holy Week

If you are one of those who enjoy reading during your free time, here we bring you 5 book recommendations on politics so that you can increase your knowledge during Holy Week

Vladimir Putin

Infographic: Can Vladimir Putin be charged with war crimes?

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the actions against civilians in the invaded country, many questions whether Russian President Putin can be charged with war crimes.

Mia Mottley, Lynn Martin and Nemonte Nenquimo

Women To Watch Out for in 2022

Changing the world requires bravery, tenacity, and a strong desire to improve things. Here are some female leaders who know just that and are leaving their mark on society.

Sth Ethiopia

The Surma Tribe and Its Unique Artistic and Cultural Expression

The members of this tribe, who call themselves Dama or Dhuak, are located primarily in southern Sudan, in the Boma plain, near the Ethiopian border, and in Ethiopia, the Kafa region.

Biker protests in Bogotá and civil protests in Peru

Latin America in Short: Protests in Bogotá, Lima and Buenos Aires

Protests in Bogotá, Lima and Buenos Aires took place during this week. In addition, China broke a record of those infected by Omicron, which once again puts the Asian country on health alert. This and more summarized here

Project Hope

Project Hope: Trafficked Women and Girls

The Woman Post invites you to know this initiative that has 22 years of supporting women who are victims of trafficking, to make visible and denounce this phenomenon with a gender focus.

Bishop Megan Rohrer

Megan Rohrer, First Transgender Bishop of an American Evangelical Lutheran Church

After a long process of finding her identity, Megan Rohrer mentions that being transgender feels like being on a pilgrimage, just as visiting a sacred place and trying to learn how to become a better person.

Woman protesting with signs

Immigrant Women's Rights Awareness Events in 2022

Several days are successfully held to make visible the violence suffered by migrant women throughout their migration process.

indigenous woman

Indigenous Women Should Have Bigger Recognition in Society

Historically, indigenous women are not recognized in any workplace, are not even incorporated into active participation, and are usually made invisible. But why?

Annette Thaddeus

Annette Taddeo, Latin Woman Roots, Could Occupy the Governorship of Florida

The state of Florida has more than six million Latinos living there, and Annette Taddeo wants to be the next Governor who represents them.

Teresa Martinez de Varela

Lisa De Andráfueda, Poet, Folklorist and Mother of Jairo Varela of the Niche Group

Teresa Martínez de Varela, known by her pseudonym Lisa de Andráfueda was an Afro-Colombian writer, poet, and academic. She was one of the first Afro-Colombian women to publish her literary works.

Vladimir Putin in a Russian chapel

Putin Will Not Eliminate "Nazism" In Ukraine, He Could Strengthen It

Russia's invasion of Ukraine will not "denazify" anyone, on the contrary, it could empower nazis