Women in land of Europe

Europe, a Land of Refuge for Women?

Some, like Nadia, benefit from programs that relocate them to other European countries and give them a second chance

Traveler in airport

New Immigration Policy: Good And Bad News For Migrants In The United States

On the one hand, it facilitated the application of work permits, but also the deportation of migrants without documents.

Ryma Seermohammadi

Ryma Seermohammadi Leaves Threats Behind

In September 2022, the population took to the streets to protest against the death of Mahsa Amini, a young Kurdish woman detained by the "morality police" because of her hijab.

Protests in Peru and pregnant woman

Latin America in Short: Diplomatic crisis in Peru | Colombia Seeks to Regulate Surrogate Pregnancy

This week the crisis in Peru moved to the diplomatic sphere. On the other hand, Colombia will seek to regulate surrogate pregnancy. The most relevant of the week summarized here

Light candles

Tips To Attract the Best in This Chinese New Year

On January 22, the new 4721 Chinese year began, according to its calendar, and represents the "Renaissance".

Person waving flag of Ukraine

How Much Help Is The West Giving Ukraine?

This is how different Western countries have provided military, economic, and humanitarian support to Ukraine in the midst of the war with Russia.

World Economic Forum participants and Chickens in the grass

Latin America in Short: Davos World Economic Forum | PAHO Warns About Avian Influenza

This week the World Economic Forum in Davos took place in which Latin American countries made several requests. In other news, PAHO has warned of avian influenza in the Americas region. This and more summarized here

Marina Silva, Sonia Guajajara, and Nísia Trindade.

The Role of Women in Brazil With the Return of Lula da Silva

Over the last weeks, the context of high polarization has increased. How does his arrival change things for women?

Protests with the flag of Iran

Will There Be More Executions for the Protests in Iran?

With the recent news of the execution of Mohammad Mehdi Karami and Mohammad Hosseini, the protests subside, but survive and radicalise. These are the 4 protesters executed by the regime under Islamic law

Latin America in Short: HRW Warns about Democratic Crisis | The Ozone Layer Can Recover

This week Human Rights Watch has warned about the current democratic crisis. In better news, UN-backed experts have reported a possible recovery of the ozone layer. The most relevant news of the week summarized here

Hadizatou Mani

Hadizatou Mani, and Her Anti-Slavery Struggle of Nigerien Women

Thanks to her legal triumph and courage, she regained her freedom and set an important precedent for women in her country and throughout the African continent.

two people in a flood

Floods In Pakistan Is The World Prepared To Take On More Natural Disasters?

The UN estimates that 16,000 million dollars would be necessary for Pakistan to overcome the flood's impact that affected thousands of people. However, the international community only commits to 9,000 million dollars

Jenna Ortega, Still from the film 'The Fabelmans', 'House of the Dragon'

This Was The Highlight Of The Golden Globes 2023

The awards season in film and television began in style with the Golden Globes. Here we summarize the highlights of the 80th edition of this ceremony.

Airport transit area

Thinking of Migrating this 2023? Take Advantage of these Legal Changes in Various Countries

Immigration regulations have been adapted to the current reality. The labor requirements open up options for those seeking opportunities abroad, specifically for Latinos who are thinking of migrating