Family crossing the US border

United States: The Visa Does Not Solve the Migration Crisis, What Is the Alternative?

The growing arrival of millions of refugees at the US southern border, mainly Venezuelans, could lead the United States to rethink its strategy to stop the migration crisis

Vladimir Putin

Russia: Vladimir Putin and His Rush To Escalate the Conflict

The latest rapprochements with China and the position of the countries allied to Moscow have not helped Vladimir Putin to justify the conflict with Ukraine that began in February of this year.

Tremor in Mexico and Women in Iran

Latin America in Brief: Tremor in Mexico | Feminist Protests in Iran

There was another tremor in Mexico this week, in addition to the one that already occurred on September 19th. In global news, there have been feminist protests in Iran this week. All summarized here

King Carlos III and Queen Elizabeth II

Gallery: Curious acts about the British monarchy without Queen Elizabeth II

With the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the United Kingdom and many other countries must make costly changes

Couple looking through a telescope

Passionate About Astronomy? Must-See Events Coming Up

The astronomical calendar points out some important shows and The Woman Post invites you to watch them carefully.

Woman in a printed newspaper

Women In Iran Threaten the Ayatollah's Regime. The End Of the Islamic Revolution?

A recent wave of protests by women in Iran has captured the world's attention. Burnt hijabs and cropped hair are some of the strategies they have used to show their nonconformity with machismo and the violation of human rights in that country.

Woman voting in the United States

United States: Midterms Will Reveal Biden's Popularity

On November 8, the elections for the Senate and House will be held in the North American country, elections that will indirectly reflect the approval of the presidency of Joe Biden 

Protests in Ukraine

Support for Ukraine In Europe Dwindles As Winter Approaches

There are protests in different European countries against Russian sanctions because winter is approaching and Russian gas is scarce

Latin America in Short: Patagonia Brand Against Climate Change | James Leaves Al-Rayyan

The famous Patagonia fashion brand was donated this week for the fight against climate change. In sports, James leaves Al-Rayyan

woman breathing

What Will Women’s Health Care Look Like by 2025?

Women and their families implement by 2025 the acceptance of health care at home with some transition initiatives and thus facilitate innovation in technology companies.

Queen isabel II

Queen Elizabeth's Death Reopens The Republican Debate

The death of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom has been received with mourning, indifference and even joy in the kingdom

Salma al-Shehab

Why Was Salma Al-Shehab Sentenced to Prison for Her Tweets?

As social media censorship increases, authoritarian governments are imprisoning people for expressing their political beliefs against their regime.

World map

Why Do Countries Have Multiple Capitals?

In the world, there are several countries that have different capitals, South Africa is just one example, but there are many more.

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and Monkeypox

Latin America in Short: Attack Against Cristina Fernández | Monkeypox Advances in the Region

The Argentine prosecutor's office advances in its investigation into the attack against Cristina Fernández. On the other hand, monkeypox is advancing in the region and cases are on the rise. The most relevant news of the week summarized here