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Ukraine Shows Us What Conflicts Will Be Like in a Multipolar World

The current war in Ukraine demonstrates what may be the following conflicts in a multipolar world

Pregnant women

Better leave and care policies transform parenthood

Experiences in various countries show that better care policies promote responsible parenthood, with effects on more equitable societies.

Woman with Ukraine flag painted on her face

The Key Role of Women in the Quest for a World Without Wars

On International Women's Day for Peace and Disarmament, it is reiterated that this goal is much more than the absence of war.

Salvatore Mancuso and Woman using artificial intelligence

Latin America in Short: Mancuso's statements in the JEP | WHO warns against medical uses of AI

This week, Mancuso's statements in the JEP continue to cause a stir in Colombia. In more global news, the WHO has warned about medical uses of AI. This and more summarized here

Recep Tayipp Erdoğan

Elections in Turkey: The Regional Power that Flirts with Europe

Turkey's elections show the incredible situation of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish conservative leader who sees his authoritarian regime stagger

Crimean bridge attacked

What Alternatives does Ukraine Have to Harm Russia?

As a global power, Russia shows apparent superiority over Ukraine, so what options do the Ukrainians have to harm Russia and even the scales in the war?

Members of the Red Cross, Leo Messi

Latin America in Shor: Ortega Dissolves Red Cross in Nicaragua | Lionel Messi Wins Laureus Award

The Ortega regime has dissolved the Red Cross in Nicaragua this week. In kinder news, Lionel Messi wins the Laureus award for best sportsman in the world. This and more in our weekly summary.

King Charles III

Will King Charles III Maintain the Unity of the United Kingdom?

King Carlos III assumes the coronation with a fundamental challenge, to maintain the integrity of the crown and the United Kingdom

Charles III

Gallery: Curious and Formal Data on the Coronation of Carlos III

On May 6, the coronation of Carlos III will be held at Westminster Abbey, London. Know the curious and protocol details of the event.

Gustavo Petro, Christian González

Latin America in Short: Petro Intercedes for ELN in the EU | Colombian Arrives in the NFL

This week, during his visit to Spain, Gustavo Petro interceded for the ELN to remove this guerrilla from the European Union's list of terrorists. In sports news, a Colombian arrives in the NFL. This and more summarized here

Camila Parker

Charles III Coronation: Camilla, the queen who has overcome all adversities

The wife of Charles III has once again unleashed the loves and hates of the British, who today accept her as their new queen

Woman employee

New York Employers: Workers Comp Forms Everyone Should Know

There can be many forms to deal with when it comes to the New York Worker’s Compensation regulations and guidelines. A detailed and well-documented account of any workplace accident, illness, or injury is required

Joe Biden and Donald Trump

The Path to Winning the White House in 2024 Beyond Joe Biden and Donald Trump

President Joe Biden officially announced his candidacy for re-election, but he has a long way to go, especially when he must face himself

Nayib and Gabriela Bukele

Gabriela De Bukele, First Lady Of El Salvador

The President and First Lady of El Salvador announced the arrival of their second child. What challenges await them?