• What to expect from Chile’s local elections

    Since Chile doesn’t have congressional mid-term elections, local elections—held almost three years after the presidential contest—serve to measure the popularity of the ruling coalition.

  • The left/right and new/old electoral divides in Chile

    As President Michelle Bachelet enters her last year in office, presidential hopefuls in Chile are aligning along a left-right and a new-old divide to attract indifferent voters

  • Partido de Michel Temer retuvo el control del Senado

    Eunicio Oliveira, del PMDB, fue elegido para presidir la Cámara alta. El senador, que podría estar vinculado al escándalo de corrupción en torno a Odebrecht, contó con el apoyo de siete legisladores del PT

  • Chileans reject president Bachelet but her legaciy will live on

    The “popular” Michelle Bachelet administration, the one that called itself the voice of the people and bragged about its progressive reforms, has suffered a painful setback.


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