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Identity / Culture

Identity / Culture (37)

Martes, 14 Febrero 2017 09:05

Colombia: Secrets of an ancient curiosity

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Explore Colombia's mysterious interior and encounters the remnants of a forgotten civilisation.

Miércoles, 08 Febrero 2017 07:40

Pompidou: Colombia is an option

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For its 40th anniversary, a Latin American headquarter for the Pompidou cultural center is already a project.

Martes, 31 Enero 2017 08:20

Is it possible to relive the muysca language?

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Approximately a million people spoke Muysca in the Nuevo Reino de Granada (New Kingdom of Granada) before the arrival of the Spaniards, although some words still survive

Martes, 24 Enero 2017 08:49

Tejo: A banging good time

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There is something intrinsically Colombian about the explosive sport of tejo, beyond the gunpowder and alcohol.

Martes, 24 Enero 2017 08:42

Colombia considers ban on bullfighting

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Highest court to debate if practice violates laws against mistreatment of animals after police tried to disrupt first bullfight in Colombia’s capital city in four years

Lunes, 09 Enero 2017 19:50

Colombian art takes Switzerland

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Colombian sculptor Gabriel Beltrán will be the first Latin American artist to exhibit at the prestigious Christine Brügger gallery in Bern, Switzerland, where he will show a work characterized by its innovative, dynamic and joyful language.

Miércoles, 07 Diciembre 2016 09:58

Palenquero: The identity behind a language in Colombia

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Spoken by residents of a settlement established by runaway slaves, Palenquero is seen as a form of cultural resistance.

The Nobel laureate sent the Cuban dictator all of his books and received his factual and grammatical notes before submitting them to his publisher

Martes, 06 Diciembre 2016 03:56

Colombian music multiplied by two

Written by

"Chantaje" by Shakira and Maluma exceeded 50 million views in just 11 days. Colombian artists are sweeping away with their latest collaboration and have positioned themselves at the top of the sales charts.

Viernes, 04 Noviembre 2016 10:05

Arahuacos, Koguis and the secret of chocolate

Written by

A bar of chocolate made with Colombian cocoa won the highest award in the "International Chocolate Awards” held annually in London and Arahuacos and Koguis are responsible.

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