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Martes, 28 Febrero 2017 07:24

Ecological Conservation in a post-conflict time

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Colombian ecologists will finally be able to assess the state of ecosystems that were off-limits to research and development.

Lunes, 20 Febrero 2017 07:12

Latam’s first habitat bank is launched in Colombia

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A 1,5-million-dollar investment hopes to preserve at least 600 hectares of land and create more than 50 direct jobs.

Jueves, 16 Febrero 2017 17:33

Colombia’s biggest solar farm

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Celsia Solar announces the opening of a solar farm on September in Yumbo, Valle del Cauca.

Miércoles, 08 Febrero 2017 14:10

Colombia lost over 5200km2 of forest

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Between 2002 and 2016 the country lost its forests to agriculture and cattle ranching.

A two-year project aims to learn why hundreds of baby southern right whales washed up on the coast.

Jueves, 26 Enero 2017 09:24

Colombia exports talent and discipline

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One of the most prestigious Athletic competences in the marathon distance will receive the Colombian Kelly Arias. Latin America will run Boston!

Martes, 17 Enero 2017 10:07

Illegal mining in Colombia is a growing threat

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Ecosystems, water, biodiversity and Colombian’s health are endangered by the growth of this activity.

Miércoles, 11 Enero 2017 08:53

Crops over chainsaws

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Miércoles, 28 Diciembre 2016 12:51

About 40% of Colombia’s land is degraded

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Cattle ranching, agriculture, mining housing and tourism are among the causes and they could lead to a decrease in productivity and an imbalance in ecosystems.

Viernes, 23 Diciembre 2016 09:18

Bogota’s newest tires recycling program

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