0.5°C of additional warming has a huge effect on global aridity

Araucaria araucana: the tree that sustains indigenous cultures

People inside the laundromat

The persistence of plastic

Santa Ana Dam at the Noguera Ribagorzana Rive

Dams exacerbate the consequences of climate change on river fish

Iberá Wetland, in Argentina

Esteros del Iberá: the second great South American wetland

Rocks on sea

'Wrong-way' migrations stop shellfish from escaping ocean warming

View of a wetland

What is the Wetlands Law?


Changing what we eat could offset years of climate-warming emissions

Flood in a street

4 effects of climate change in Latin America

Wooden suspension bridge in the middle of a forest

The best activities you can do when visiting a forest

Photo under the ocean

What do we know about the depths of the ocean?

Yungas by the slope of the Totoral, province of Catamarca, Argentina.

Yungas of northwestern Argentina: biodiversity and water reserve

Polar bears

"See you in Court" environmentalists defend the Artic from Trump

Still from the trailer for the video game 'Subway Surfers'

Video games will inspire 250 thousand users to take care of the planet

Aerial view of a highway

Learn all about the Escazú Agreement, the Latinamerican New Green Deal


The tropics are expanding, and climate change is the primary culprit

Los Glaciares Park in Argentina

4 Argentine National Parks that are a World Heritage Site

Space junk

How is space debris controlled?

Panama forest fieldwork

Warming threat to tropical forests risks release of carbon from soil

Koalas in a tree

Did you know that koalas could be key to fighting chlamydia?

Larch tree forest

The larch: witness of a climatic evolution of more than 3000 years

One in 10 nature defenders killed in 2019 was female

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