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Heat Wave.

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Seeing animals in a national park: expectations vs. reality

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Jaguar Panthera onca

Jupiter the lion isn't the only Colombian animal in danger

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The lion that agonizes while Colombia tries to save him

Black carbon particles

How much does black carbon contribute to climate warming?

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Eco-friendly biodiesel from palm oil?

Deep red and deep blue in the CEECCA region indicate warming by 1.0 ° C to 2.5 ° C in the last 112 years.

How countries respond to weather change

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How learning about fish can help us save the Amazon rainforest

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Toilet paper

Environment friendly toilet paper could change the world

Sequence of abrupt responses in global drylands as aridity increases

Major study shows impact of climate change on dryland ecosystems

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Polygrapha suprema (Schaus, 1920), a rare and endangered butterfly exclusive to the high mountains of Atlantic Forest (Brazil

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New model could improve investment in farm-based sustainable energy

Natural Park.

How is a national park protected?

Camera trap image of Guanacos

Conflict between ranchers and wildlife intensifies as climate change worsens in Chile