The importance of recycling in Latin America during the pandemic

How to bring conservation messaging into wildlife-based tourism

Surgical mask lying on the floor.

Single-use plastics vs. Coronavirus

Landscape in the Gran Chaco, Paraguay

Gran Chaco: the second largest forest in the world, in danger

Man hiking in a natural area.

How many visitors can a protected natural area host?

Sahara desert

How the dust of the Sahara travels all over the world

Man standing near solar panels

Decline in green energy spending might offset COVID-era emissions benefits


Coyotes, a threat to South America

A shrinking carbon sink in the Arctic

A carbon sink shrinks in the arctic

Miami beach during the passage of a hurricane.

Hurricane season in pandemic season

White smoke coming out from a building.

Countries must work together on CO2 removal to avoid dangerous climate change

Woman walking in natural park

Volunteering: when gratification matters more than money

Man sitting on a mountain sitting on a rock.

How to properly educate people about the environment

Children in a boat in a flooded area.

Climate change increases migration at the expense of the poor

Sculpture of a dodo

The 5 most impressive extinct animals in history

Climate Velocity

There is no escaping from climate change, even in the deep sea

Green Snow in Antarctica

Climate change will turn coastal Antarctica green, say scientists

Colobus monkey

Even animals benefit from social distance to prevent disease

Asian hornet.

The environment during the pandemic

Aereal viwe of Shanghai, China.

COVID-19 lockdowns significantly impacting global air quality

Woman standing on a natural area trail.

Why is it key to know who visits a natural park?

Person using a chainsaw cutting a tree.

How eradicating certain species can protect a forest

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