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Trinity College Appoints the First Woman Provost

Located in Dublin and with a history of 429 years, Trinity College named its 45th Provost of the University that will be starting on August 2021.


Dance Transforms Realities, Clemencia Vargas Says How

In her organization Vive Bailando, Clemencia employs women who contribute to the education of Colombian kids who join the dream of dancing.

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Are Your Children Handling Their Emotions?

How can mothers prevent their kids from feeling afraid of being vulnerable?

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Safe Back-to-School Practices Schools Should Follow

One of the challenges that children have faced during this COVID-19 pandemic is home education, which influences their development.


America’s Colleges Strive for This Gifted Girl

A 9-year-old girl from Mexico has an IQ higher than that of geniuses like Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking.

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Should Our Children Go Back to School?

The COVID-19 pandemic transformed human behavior, forever changing the way we interact with each other and with our environment.

Werner Hoyer, EIB

Environment Conducive to the Brain Development

Brain development in childhood is an aspect that has gained greater strength in recent decades worldwide.

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Education: Key to Promoting Health and Human Rights

Did you know that around a third of women who give birth today will face violence at the hands of their partner?

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Will It Be Possible to Remove Barriers to Girls' Education?

Because of child marriage, teenage pregnancy, and the pandemic, girls are not finishing their secondary education.


Children Become What They Dream of Using Technology Properly

Claudia Berbeo is convinced that technology allows an infinite world of possibilities, provided that they are used correctly.

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All you need to know about the new exam pattern of PMP in 2021?

The Project Management Institute(PMI) announced a change in the exam pattern in 2019 it came into effect from July 2020. And later, it was postponed to January 2021 due to the pandemic

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How to Minimize The Risks to Which Adolescents are Exposed?

The lawyer Mariana Sanz, through her social work, reinforces the decision-making power of many vulnerable adolescents about their bodies.

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Is a Career in Roofing Right for You?

When you are choosing a career path, the construction sector can be a great choice


7 Social Stereotypes that Affect Equity

Silencing women has been going on for so long that it has now become a part of our deep-rooted social conditioning.

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Dream Jobs Are Far From Traditional Schemes

Many advantages can come from having a YouTube channel. For this reason, many kids consider YouTube as their dream job.

África Ixmucane Flores-Anderson, Bea Gallardo Lacourt, Diana Trujillo

Your step by step guide to getting qualified as a teacher

Getting qualified as a teacher is not necessarily straightforward these days

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Emotional Literacy Ensures Success

Why do most Danish children grow up into well-adjusted adults? Could the answer lie in their educational practices and schemes?

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The Innovative Girl Who Changes the World

Gitanjali Rao, a 15-year-old from Colorado, US, has been named Time Magazine's Kid of the Year for 2020.

Luis Lacalle Pou

Is there saturation of university graduates in the labor market?

The democratization of professional studies could cause more people to compete for the same position

Diego Armando Maradona and Chucky Lozano

Study shows strong links between music and math, reading achievement

New study showed statistically significant associations between the two at both the individual and the school-district levels