Kids at school

Waldorf Pedagogy, in Force More Than Before?

The philosophy behind Waldorf is focused on the study of the human being, the human spirit, and sensitivity towards the environment that surrounds us.

Julissa Maple

Julissa Arce, and Her Road Towards Earning the American Dream

Julissa Arce is co-founder and president of Ascend Educational Fund, a program for mentoring and awarding scholarships for immigrant students.

Angela Ghayour

Angela Gahyour, a Voice of Hope for Afghan Women

According to UN statistics, 70% of teachers in Kabul were women, with the new regulations that ban them from the classroom, the educational system for men is also affected.


Rosa Deves Alessandri

More Women Rectors at the Head of Latin American Universities

The biochemist and academic Rosa Devés have been appointed as rector of the University of Chile until 2026.

Ana Martinez Gil

Ana Martínez Patented a Molecule To Combat ALS

The award winner for the best-protected invention for a patent related to ALS is Ana Martínez.

Smartphone on Tiktok App

The Risk of TikTok Entertainment in Teenagers and Children's Mental Health

Since its creation, TikTok has presented several criticisms focused on teenagers' mental health and that its algorithm has been characterized as fat-phobic, xenophobic and racist.

female engineer

Women in Engineering, Their Obstacles, and Challenges by 2030

Stereotypes and society are essential strategies to reduce the gender gap in STEM careers.

Sappho and Erinna in a Garden at Mytilene

Where and When Did the Term Lesbianism Originate?

Sappho of Mytilene, also known as Sappho of Lesbos, was a Greek poetess. The first occidental one sang to the muses, the divine, and women.

Andrea Prieto and an elderly woman

Older Adults Face Daily Challenges of Exclusion and Forgetting

The challenge of caring for older adults in Latin America is doubled for national and local governments and the families that shelter them in their homes.

Teacher in the classroom with students

Sexual and Reproductive Education: A Must for Schools

Currently, different schools across the continent offer sex education classes. However, these programs are based on religious, moralist, and conservative biases, ultimately offering abstinence as a contraceptive method.

Dolly Montoya Castaño, Raquel Bernal Salazar and Martha Sofía González

3 Women Leading Colombia's Universities

Meet in The Woman Post, who are the women who lead the universities of Colombia.

lunar eclipse network

The Spiritual Meaning Behind the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

Scorpio's full flower moon and lunar eclipse took place on May 16, 2022. This energy reveals our shadows and hidden aspects of ourselves. For this reason, it's a great time to transform our lives and evolve.

Plastic figure of a brain

Neuroscience Has Changed the Myth That Men and Women Have Different Talents

There was a myth about the biological difference between men's and women's brains for years. We will tell you what the current reality is.

Rachel Bernal Salazar

Highest-Ranked Colombian University Chooses Its First Woman Rector

Presenting Raquel Bernal, the new rector of the Universidad de los Andes in Colombia.

Baby playing with toys

Do Millennials Continue the Cliché of the Toy Genre?

Several studies reveal that toys are looked at and cataloged by adults, not children. From The Woman Post, we invite you to avoid sexism.

Planet Venus image

What Would It Be Like To Live on Another Planet?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wake up on another planet? Some of the aspects to consider when thinking about living elsewhere in the universe would be gravity, weather, or even the length of days.

Women working in a laboratory

STEM Careers and How To Go Beyond Studying

Governments all over the world are incentivizing people, especially women, to study STEM careers. But are there enough jobs and opportunities for these new students?

Gabriela Mistral, Sylvia Plath and Alejandra Pizarnik

Grito De Mujer Festival 2022: Annual Women Poets Event

In the company of the best women who instill great courage and strength but have been invisible as poets, let's celebrate with The Woman Post the twelfth edition of the Grito de Mujer Festival 2022.

Dismayed woman looking at her cell phone

Do You Know What the Term "Cancel Culture" Is About?

Cancel culture implies discarding people at the first sign of something we dislike. However, we shouldn't underestimate how quickly someone can change their ideas.

Marie Antoinette and Queen Elizabeth

The Most Important Queens in History

There were many women with really important reigns in the history of humanity. Will you join us to get to know them?