Pen on paper

How to Write Papers Faster: A Comprehensive Guide

In this article, we will look at tips on how to write papers faster without losing quality.

Your Opportunity Mentoring Network

A Network Of Empowerment That Turns Women Into Agents Of Change

 Tu Oportunidad program trains mentors who assist women in their economic empowerment.


Leading Women From 15 Countries Will Be Present At WEF Colombia 2023

On July 27 and 28, the IV version of the Women Economic Forum, WEF Colombia will take place in the city of Bogotá.

Sister Gloria Cecilia Narváez

Violations Of Religious Freedom Disproportionately Affect Women

The Global Report on Religious Freedom indicates that the safety of women has worsened in 47 countries. In 36 countries, perpetrators are rarely or never prosecuted

University students at the National University of Colombia

Zero Tuition Panorama for Universities in Latin America

Free higher education, such as universities, is a less and less used system, but it is still valid in Latin America. Colombia recently approved a bill that includes it. What is the outlook in the region?

New Masculinities: Men's Work for a New Era

Achieving a more equal society is related to men's desire to help build a new reality with women. This concept is known as new masculinities, which go beyond traditional masculinity and explores alternative ways of being a man.

Grandma reading a book to her granddaughter

Should I leave my child with the grandmother?

The grandmother is an important figure in the family and is key in supporting the physical, emotional and intellectual development of her grandchildren

Grandma reading a book to her granddaughter

Family decision: Grandmothers taking care of grandchildren

The grandmother is an important figure in the family and is key in supporting the physical, emotional and intellectual development of her grandchildren.

Maternity, Guilt, and Violence

Mothers face lawsuits and violence in their daily lives that are transferred to parenting practices and generate a feeling of maternity guilty

Woman at office

Equality is a strategic necessity

Gabriela Rocha, co-founder of Laboratoria, reminds companies that "they must bet on the talent of women"

Janet Bonilla

Janeth Bonilla: You have to love failure and see it as growth

Janeth was born into the Kitchwa ethnic group of Cotacachi, Ecuador. Her indigenous parents and her farmers instilled in her a love for animals and the land that she has worked with her siblings since she was a child

Rosalba Olivella and Paula Duque

The lights and shadows of the struggles and achievements of Latin American women

A study by the research agency Provokers provides clues to better understand the challenges faced by Latin American women

campaign avon

Avon seeks to decrease gender violence, prevent cancer, and generate female entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship, the fight against violence, and breast cancer are the areas of action for the private foundation

women working together

Strategy to empower young women toward their future

The stages of pre-adolescence, adolescence, and youth of our women are increasingly difficult and complex to face, especially due to the rain of messages on social networks

Artificial intelligence

The Challenges of Artificial Intelligence for Education

Since February 1996, when an IBM supercomputer defeated Kasparov, the world champion, in a game of chess, it was very clear that the world would not be the same and that artificial intelligence would begin to pose different challenges for humanity

Luisa Velez

Luisa Vélez Created an Algorithm That Provides Life Opportunities

The Colombian Luisa Vélez dedicates her time to inclusive education to which she is committed through technology.

artificial intelligence

ChatGPT Is a Threat to Proper Education?

Two months after the launch of ChatGPT developed by OpenAI, the New York City district banned the use of this tool in public schools

Fatima Amiri

Education: Fatima Amiri: The Day My Life Changed Forever

Fatima's routine, a student from the Hazara minority, was normal until the day the Taliban took over Mazar-I-Sharif

Kids in kindergarten

Choosing a Good Kindergarten for Your Children Is a Challenge!

As parents, it is of great importance to be able to support children in their development process, and that is where you start thinking about a kindergarten

Maria Claudia Parias

Maria Claudia Parias, Restoring Lives Through Music

As executive president of the Batuta Foundation, she reaches the most remote communities that are victims of the Colombian armed conflict to teach music.