Saving the planet: Discover how this NGO is doing it

Women, health and the environment are the themes that this organization studies to improve the current situation of the planet

The tragic reality of Arctic glaciers

The consequences of climate change are increasingly serious. The melting of the deepest layer of sea ice in the Arctic surprises the world

This is how climate change affects the sports events

As of 2085 only 33 cities would be able to host the Olympic Games

High temperatures would make 6 Mexican states uninhabitable

What are the places that could not be inhabited by extreme heat?

The slow but incessant decline of glaciers in Colombia

The Andean country has lost 20% of its icy surface in recent years

Voluntary Carbon Market: An opportunity for Colombia

The Ministry of Environment believes that this sector, which moved more than US $ 30 million, can be a business alternative for communities in conservation areas

How can your roof save your city?

The United Nations says that green spaces in cities can prevent different diseases

Cape Town nears day zero: Should Latin America be worried?

Diversification and sustainability are key lessons for Latin American leaders to glean from the South African city’s burgeoning water crisis

Could the Amazon lose 69% of its plant species?

A WWF study warns that if the temperature rises 4.5 ºC, the species in the southern hemisphere could become extinct

What can Latin America learn from Cape Town?

Diversification and sustainability are key lessons for South American leaders regarding the growing water crisis in South Africa

Need a to-do-list to make your home energy efficient?

Here are 11 steps to help the environment by modifying certain things in your home

Crops resistant to changes in climate?

A recent study says that these crops are a near possibility

Cape Town: What is living on the verge of running out of water like?

Latin American Post spoke with a Latino living in the South African city about what it is like to live with the risk of running out of the precious liquid

A world without polar bears?

A new study reveals that these animals are losing more and more body mass

Climate change can affect ancient Egyptian treasures

The Environmental office of the United Nations warned on the danger of this threat and assured that the population growth is also a risk for the archaeological sites

Bolivia: under pressure due to floods and overflows

According to official reports, more than 50,000 people can now be considered victims

Winter Olympics: at risk due to climate change?

More than half of the previous host cities of the Winter Olympics could register temperatures in 2050 too hot to host the games again

Climate Change is affecting bird size

A recent study revealed that the high temperatures is causing changes in these animals

Climate change will cause the extinction of these species

Not only polar bears are at risk of extinction because of high temperatures

United States: New York City vs Oil companies

United States: New York City vs Oil companies

The major of the city sued 5 of the 100 companies seemingly responsible of the 71% of the climate change

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