The millions of dollars behind the World Cup of 48 teams that proposes the FIFA

FIFA can expect to raise over one billion additional dollars if it decides to expand the World Cup to 48 teams for 2026

Netflix courts Latin American markets, but its competitors do not follow its actions

A wide variety of content produced in Latin America demonstrates the platform's commitment to the region, but no other does the same

The Sinaloa Cartel would have more aircraft than Qatar Airways and Air France

Although they use smaller aircraft, the Sinaloa Cartel fleet is comparable to the main airlines in the world


The brands in the region do not give the necessary experience to the clients, and they have a lot to fix before being able to please them

These are the best places to work and we are not talking about money

Combining the salary with non-monetary benefits for its employees makes these companies stand out in Latin America

These are the astronomical figures that make YouTube a gold mine

1.5 billion active users per month turn the platform into an operations center for advertisers

Human trafficking is more common than you think, do not fall for false offers of employment

Interpol freed 350 people, but there are about 21 million victims of human trafficking in the world

Can Brazil be the "Silicon Valley" of Latin America?

The main business centers of Brazilian startups are in Florianópolis, São Paulo and Recife

Learn how Netflix reached 125 million users

The company produces, on average, 33 million dollars per day and accumulates one billion hours a month in views

Why should you consider living in containers?

Less building time and lower construction costs are some of the advantages of this form of alternative architecture, as well as benefits for the environment

How much do the technical directors of Latin American soccer earn?

Guess Pekerman's, Tite's, and Sampaoli's annual salaries

New York: How has Airbnb changed the housing market?

The lodging and tourism company is distorting the housing market in the capital of the world

Google will ban all cryptocurrency ads

Online ads promoting cryptocurrencies and other unregulated financial products will be removed 

Mexico: Heineken expands its operations

The Dutch company has just opened its most sustainable brewery close to the border between Mexico and the U.S.

Having women in leadership roles is good for business

Researchers from Scandinavia found a connection between female leaders and companies' stability

Boycotting the Winter Olympics for the wellbeing of dogs?

In South Korea, domestic animals are often killed in public markets, either by hanging, beating or electrocution

Facebook against cryptocurrencies

The social network reported on the prohibition to advertise and promote cryptocurrencies on its platform

SoftBank purchased majority ownership of Uber

SoftBank purchased majority ownership of Uber

Although it is one of the most successful projects of Silicon Valley in recent years, Uber has been rocked in 2017 by a series of scandals

Marijuana: the legalization of a new market

Marijuana: the legalization of a new market

The progressive legalization has opened various doors for the creation of a promising industry

Latin America: electric car implementation on the horizon?

Latin America: electric car implementation on the horizon?

The main challenge resides on its costs