Andrea Radrizzani: A businessmen who lives by and for sports

Unlike the billionaires who decide to invest in a sport as a hobby, this businessmen has become an expert in the management of sports clubs



These are the most expensive sponsorships in European football

The alliance of Manchester United with Chevrolet forms the most expensive sponsorship of the football world, costing 269 million euros per year

Amazing! These 5 kids became millionaires with these ideas

From web design to lemonade brands, these children show that any idea is useful when it comes to entrepreneurship

WeTrade: The first LGTBI+ business fair in Colombia

On November 1st and 2nd, the first LGBTI+ business and opportunities fair in the country will be held in Colombia and the largest, so far, in Latin America

40 players 'on loan': The Chelsea system that FIFA wants to end

At this time and for financial purposes, Chelsea has transferred 40 players. A new rule of FIFA could limit this practice soon

Sending a message in a potato? 5 weirdest startups!

From shipping snow bottles to a parking for dogs, there are not crazy ideas to start a company

City Football Group: The business model that is taking over soccer

Given the rapid success of both football and financial Manchester City, it is worth analyzing the financial model of its owners, the City Football Group.

Would you drink a cannabis coke?

Coca-Cola is not the first company to take this initiative. From Corona to Diageo there are plans to capitalize the lucrative marijuana market

The new Premier League's contender: this is how Wolverhampton works

Since Jorge Mendes is involved with the club, the results have improved and criticisms have multiplied

This are the richest football teams in Latin America

Brazil, Mexico and Argentina are the countries with the most football clubs financially strong and valuable.

Financial fair play: This is how the UEFA seeks to reduce the economic gap between clubs

A new case of breach of financial fair play: the soccer market is in suspense over possible penalties and what that would mean for European clubs

The new owners of AC Milan are 'vultures'

Elliott Management Corporation, 'vulture fund' of Paul Singer, did the same as in Argentina to take over the legendary Italian club

Latin America: Where is it easier and more difficult to do business?

An index of the World Bank evaluates aspects such as how long it may take you to open a business, revealing that countries are more friendly for entrepreneurs

The economic impacts of the legalization of marijuana in Uruguay

One year after the legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes, has it had any significant impact on the economy?

San Francisco: A sanctuary for Latino startups

The Californian city is currently one of the most attractive for Latino entrepreneurs, as businesses in San Francisco have increased by 46% between 2012 on 2017

Now it will be cheaper to play video games thanks to Google Yeti

Google could venture into the video game market. What does this mean for the industry and the players?

Colombia will be one of the most important air connections centers in 2025

52% of the investments in airport infrastructure made in the Andean region are concentrated in the coffee country

Will the low-cost airlines in Latin America finally take off?

Due to the absence of low cost airlines, flying in Latin America had always been too expensive, but now this could change


Who benefits from the privatization of Petrobras?

The privatization of four Petrobras refineries in Brazil was announced last month and 55% of the country is opposed to the measure: who can benefit?

Latin America: an important piece in the business of music streaming platforms

Companies like Spotify and Deezer have become one of the main sources of income for the music industry and Latin America is one of its most important markets

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