Latam Booklook: 'A history of reading' by Alberto Manguel

Reading as a passion, reading as a way of approaching the world. That's what Manguel shows us in his book

Latam Booklook: 'The literary witches oracle' by Taisia Kitaiskaia and Katy Horan

With spells, this book vindicates the female writers and their important role in a struggle that seeks political, social, economic and sexual equity

5 books to get started in feminism

If you want to approach feminism, we recommend 5 books that will help you understand how it came about, what it consists of and what types of feminisms there are

Latam Booklook: 'I had nowhere to go' by Jonas Mekas

In the diary of his exile across Europe to reach America, Mekas gestates the intimate tone he would later develop in his films

Latam Booklook: "Black ball" by Mario Bellatin and Liniers

The story of the Mexican author, Mario Bellatin, was adapted by the "Succubus Liniers" into a very small graphic novel. A weird and strange object that one can not miss

An English, a Romanian and a Nigerian: three writers you should know

As part of the Hay Festival in Colombia, Zadie Smith, Mircea Cartarescu and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie visited the country. Who are they?

Hay Festival begins!

From January 31 to February 3, Cartagena will be filled with culture, music, and literature

Otters of the Colombian Orinoquía: know this animal in danger of extinction

'Otters of the Colombian Orinoquía' is a book that allows knowing more in-depth this species that is threatened by humans

These are the 3 most beautiful libraries in Latin America

Literature has a special place in the Latin-American culture and the bookstores that we present below demonstrate this

10 books you must read before dying (Part Two)

For children, for young people, for adults, for everyone! These are the 11 books you must read before dying

10 books you must read before dying (Part One)

These books are for children, for young people, for adults, for everyone!

Latam BookLook: "The Girls" by Emma Cline

 From the adolescent perspective, Emma Cline's narrative takes us into one of the most well-known and disturbing cases of the twentieth century: The Manson family 

Did you know that these 4 books were banned?

From China to Brazil, here we present four books that were banned for going against morals, religion, and politics

Isabel Allende: a story hunter who will catch you

Isabel Allende won one of the greatest honors of American literature: the medal for her distinguished contribution to American letters

4 Latin writers who will fill your library with the magic of the Caribbean

Immerse yourself in the magical and dark imaginary of the Caribbean with these four incredible writers

Fernando del Paso: 3 books that you should read after his death

In LatinAmerican Post we remember the Mexican writer Fernando del Paso, who died on November 14 at 83 years old

Latam BookLook: "Fever Dream" by Samanta Schweblin

This terrifying and suffocating novel tells a story where nothing is as it seems and the danger is closer than you think

An altar for the dead to honor these three Latin writers

In November 2, we celebrate the life of these three Latin American writers

Latam BookLook: "In the Beginning Was the Sea" by Tomás González

This is a simple book, with a simple but deep language that leads the reader to think about himself in relation to nature and what surrounds him

Latam BookLook: "House of Beauty" by Melba Escobar

This is a story that tells the coldness of the Colombian society, which is told through several female voices