An altar for the dead to honor these three Latin writers

In November 2, we celebrate the life of these three Latin American writers

Latam BookLook: "In the Beginning Was the Sea" by Tomás González

This is a simple book, with a simple but deep language that leads the reader to think about himself in relation to nature and what surrounds him

Latam BookLook: "House of Beauty" by Melba Escobar

This is a story that tells the coldness of the Colombian society, which is told through several female voices

Historical! Borges receives a symbolic Nobel Prize in Literature

Borges was awarded with the Nobel Prize in Literature, 32 years after his death

Let's celebrate! Maryse Condé wins the New Academy Prize in Literature

On October 12, the New Academy announced the winner of the Alternative Literature Prize

Latam BookLook: "The Power" by Naomi Alderman

"The power" of Naomi Alderman is a feminist science fiction novel full of political, social, and internal tensions that we should all read

Latam BookLook: "The Briefcase" by Hiromi Kawakami

In this love story, awarded with the Tanizaki prize, it is reflected the need to love of two lonely characters

Alternative Literature Award: an equal and democratic prize

Here you will find everything you need to know about the Alternative Literature Award, which will be delivered on December 9

These latin graphic novels will fill your library with magic

Who says that the graphic novel has no female representation? Here we present some works that you can not stop reading

V.S. Naipaul: books you should read after his passing

These are the books by the British nobel prize that Goodreads users recommend the most

Latam BookLook: “The King Is Always Above the People” by Daniel Alarcón

With this collection of short stories, one of the most heard Latin American voices of the moment delivers truthful snapshots of the human experience

"I like the moors and the Sierra Nevada, that mountain with its indigenous mysticism"

After the release of his book Parques Naturales Nacionales de Colombia (National Natural Parks of Colombia), a publication by Villegas Editores, we spoke with the Colombian photographer Gabriel Eisenband

Latam BookLook: "You always change the love of your life (...)" by Amalia Andrade

You can now order online the English version of this book between the comedy and self-help of the Colombian writer

Social media beyond memes: 5 writers who would not be where they are without them

Thanks to platforms like Instagram and YouTube, these writers have reached from world fame to contracts with the most recognized publishers

Why you should give these three Dutch authors a chance

These young writers bring a thrilling story about the repercussions of Hitler in today’s world, a picture book for kids questioning their gender identity, and a graphic novel about self isolation

Javier Parham: The Honduran writer you should know

An electrician that writes about historical topics, such as the slave trade of the 1800s and Nazi occupation of Poland