Cover of the books 'Sira', 'Wake me up when September ends', 'You drive me crazy'

Top 3 Ebooks Created by Women

Meet in The Woman Post, the best 3 ebooks and the 3 women who made these stories come true.

Cover of the books '1989', 'On the back of a mule' and 'Our foreign war'

5 Books to Understand the Colombian Armed Conflict

The Commissioners of the Truth Commission Listened to All the Actors in the Armed Conflict, Focusing on the Victims of the Guerrillas, the Paramilitaries and the State Authorities. The Story also Took into Account Interviews with all the Former Presidents Who are Still Alive

Christina Rivera Garza

Cristina Rivera Garza Wins the Xavier Villaurrutia Award: Femicide in Literature

The writer Cristina Rivera Garza was declared the winner of the Xavier Villaurrutia Award for her work "The Invincible Summer of Liliana" (2021)

Cover of the books 'To Paradise', 'After' and 'Aristotle and Dante Submerge in the Troubled Waters of the World'

International Book Day: 5 Stories that Have Been a Success in Spanish and English

In recent years, there have been books by Latin American and American authors that have been successful in both the Spanish and English languages. We bring you a list of recommended on International Book Day

Aerial view of the Corferias campus in Bogotá

FILBo 2022: These are the Events you Cannot Miss

After two years, FILBo 2022 is once again face-to-face. Here we recommend the unmissable events of one of the largest literary fairs in Latin America

Cover of the books 'We should all be feminists', 'King-Kong Theory' and 'The Second Sex'

The Best Feminist Books You Should Read

There are many perfect books if you want to learn more about feminism. Here are some ideal books for this.

Cover of the books 'Dune', 'The Power of the Dog', 'One Hundred Years of Solitude'

These are the Books that Inspired the Oscar-Winning Films

From classic literature to contemporary publications, Oscar-winning films have found their inspiration in these books

'Violeta', 'To Paradise' and 'Gwendy's Final Task'

Books of 2022: do not miss these new readings

Among the cultural novelties of 2022 are these 5 books that will be published during the year and you can't stop reading

Cover of the books 'Santa's Letters', 'A Christmas Memory', 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban'

5 Essential Books For Christmas

Here we show you the top 5 Christmas classics recommendations

'Frankenstein by Mary Shelley', 'Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice', 'The Woman in Black by Susan Hill'

Halloween Books by Talented Women Writers in the Horror Genre

Here are the best books from great women horror writers to enjoy during October.

Covers of the books 'To read at night', 'The story of the madman', ''

5 Horror Books to Enjoy on Halloween

Is your plan to stay home for Halloween? Here we bring you some recommendations in which terror is the protagonist. These are our favorite horror books

Cover of the books 'Quiet', 'Solitude', 'The Gift of Silence'

5 Books To Reflect on the Importance of Silence

We live in a world that can sometimes be too loud. The streets are full of noise, and so are our offices and even our homes. Noise can lead us to feel stressed and it can even cause health problems.

Sandra Abello and the cover of her book

Sandra Quintero Abello: "Women’s Voices Must Be Heard"

She likes to be called Sanqui, a fusion of the first syllables of her first and last name, a short word that today is her personal brand. She calls herself restless, outgoing, dance-loving, and eternally busy.

Abdulrazak Gurnah

Where To Start Reading Abdulrazak Gurnah, Nobel Prize in Literature 2021?

The inspiration for the work of the Tanzanian Abdulrazak Gurnah, Nobel Prize in Literature 2021, comes from his experience as a migrant and the culture shock that this implies

Book covers

What Maternity Books To Read During The Nine Months Of Pregnancy?

Whether you are a new mother or not, here we recommend a series of must-see maternity books that you will enjoy while you wait for your baby to arrive

Woman reading an ebook

Digital Books: In the 5th Ranking During the Pandemic

The increase in eBook reading during the pandemic has been the boom of the post-COVID-19 era.

Juliana Abaúnza

"I Believe In the Power Of Fiction" An Interview With Juliana Abaúnza

We Spoke With Juliana Abaúnza About Feminism, Abortion, Pop Culture, Television, the Viejas Verdes group, And Her New Book "Series Largas, Novios Cortos"

Corridor of the Bogota Book Fair, 2015

FILBo 2021: How does a Virtual Book Fair Work?

The Bogotá International Book Fair opened its website from August 6 to 22

J.K Rowling

J.K Rowling: The Surprising Story of the Harry Potter’s Writer

Today, J.K Rowling, the writer who changed the game for women in book publishing, turns 56. Here we remember her story.

Cover of the books 'The Secret to Clara's Calm', 'Dorje the Yak', 'The day Buddha woke up'

5 Buddhist Books To Raise Peaceful and Kind Children

These stories based on Buddhist teachings will help children manage their emotions better and live a full life.