Florentine Codex

Renaissance of Wisdom: The Florentine Codex Goes Digital

The quintessential manuscript of pre-Hispanic Mexico, known as the Florentine Codex, embarks on a digital rebirth, heralding a new era of accessibility and insight into the rich tapestry of indigenous cultures before colonial times. Half a millennium after its creation, this pivotal document emerges from the archives of Florence, Italy, to the world's screens, bridging ancient knowledge with modern curiosity.

Julio Cortazar

Unpublished Works and Manuscripts by Argentine Writer Cortázar Sold at Auction

A buyer paid $42,120 for a manuscript of works, including seven unpublished stories, by famed Argentine writer Julio Cortázar at an auction in the Uruguayan capital, Montevideo.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Unpublished Interview With Gabriel García Márquez: "You Cannot Use Literature Like a Rifle"

This week, an unpublished interview with Gabriel García Márquez, Colombian Nobel Prize winner in literature in 1982, was published by the Spanish magazine TintaLibre.

Ida Vitale

Interview With Ida Vitale: "100 Years Don't Weigh Me Down"

Ida Vitale will soon turn 100 years old, which "does not weigh on her." EFE interviewed the Uruguayan writer

Alice Munro

Alice Munro: The Power of Female Authorship

Alice Munro: Exploring the Depths of Human Experience through Captivating Storytelling.

Still from the movie 'Harry Potter'

25 Years of Harry Potter in Spanish: How has the World Changed?

Earlier this week, we marked the 25th anniversary of "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" publication in Spanish. We tell you how the world has changed after 25 years of Harry Potter

Isabel Allende

Isabel Allende's Perspective On Border Violence

In her latest book, "The Wind Knows My Name," Isabel Allende, the most widely read living author in the Spanish language draws attention to the childhoods that were not reunited with their families.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

"En agosto nos vemos": The Unpublished Novel by Gabriel García Márquez

A new work by the Colombian writer will be published on the tenth anniversary of his death. Find out about this and other news about Gabriel García Márquez's literary work

Book covers

New Books from Independent Publishers at FILBo 2023

The independent edition takes FILBo 2023 with these titles that you cannot miss

Mexico in the FILBo

Mexico at FILBo: What you Can't Miss

Mexico is the guest country of FILBo 2023. Here we tell you what the events that you cannot miss from April 24 to May 1

Juliana Perdomo

Juliana Perdomo and her writing that amaze children and adults

Her book "Sometimes All I Need Is Me" received the Ezra Jack Keats Writer Honor, a huge nod. She is the first Colombian writer and illustrator to receive it


Cover of the book 'The Female Brain'

"The reality shows that there is no unisex brain"

Neuropsychiatrist Louann Brizendine has returned with a new edition of "The Female Brain," which calls on society to move away from gender equality models in the growth of women

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

García Márquez Beats Cervantes in Terms of Translations. Which other Authors Are Next in Line?

The Instituto Cervantes placed Gabriel García Márquez as the Spanish-speaking author with the most translations in the 21st century. In the top 10, 6 Latin Americans stand out


Saida Ortiz Serrano invites us to be "Amazing Women"

The book "Mujeres Asombrosas" shows the stories of empowerment that are an example for any woman

Adriana Eslava

The values of imperfect beings

Through her personal experience, presenter Adriana Eslava highlights the human values of overcoming difficulties and turning them into an advantage for navigating in the life

roald dahl books

Roald Dahl and Literary Revisionism: Censorship of Boks in the 21st Century?

The recent debate over the reissue of some of Roald Dahl's classics brings to the table the discussion of the censorship of books applied in the era of progressivism and the cultural war

Woman meditating

We All Need a Good Dose of Awareness at Some Point

This is the reflection Paula Rincón, founder of Think and Talk, shared about the importance of developing the best communication skills from an early age

Cover of the book 'The Light We Carry'

What is the powerful message left by Michelle Obama's book?

Written amid uncertainty caused by the pandemic, "The Light We Carry" is the former First Lady of the United States' response to creating one's tools for resilience, decoding pain, and not having reservations about new beginnings

Cover of the book 'More Than A Woman'

Más Que Una Mujer by Caitlin Moran

In this book, the British author addresses the challenges of women who have overcome more than 4 decades of life

Woman at library

From the Pages of the Bible: 5 Captivating Books to Add to Your Reading List

In this article, here are five captivating books from the pages of the Bible that are sure to engage and inspire readers