Bad Bunny Is Another 'Arianator': This Is The Favorite Artist Of Your Favorite Artist

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Almost no one knew about Bad Bunny's fanaticism for Ariana Grande; however, there have been several cases in which artists show favoritism for others of different genres .

Bad Bunny and Ariana Grande

Photos: James Corden, Ariana Grande

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After finishing his tour, Bad Bunny continues to alternate his break with interviews and sporadic performances. This last week he was at Carpool Karaoke with James Corden.

The Puerto Rican began to talk about the origin of his name, which was thought of as a masked character, but later regretted it. "As bad as the rabbit may be, it will always be cute," he said.

In addition, this interview had an extensive segment dedicated to his love for wrestling and WWE. Among other anecdotes, he recounted how Los Angeles traffic almost made him late for his opening show at the Grammy Awards.

However, what caught evereybody's attention the most was his fanaticism for Ariana Grande. The reggaeton player did not fail any word of the pop star's "Break Free" lyrics. He also dared to sing the great success of Harry Styles, "As It Was".

Cases like this have several notable antecedents, including ones at Carpool Karaoke with James Corden. Therefore, we will leave a list of the favorites of the current super stars in the music industry.


His case has been one of the most epic moments of Carpool Karaoke. Just like Bad Bunny with “Break Free”, the English singer ventured to rap Nicki Minaj's entire verse in “Monster”, a song that also features Kanye West and Jay Z.

With the same explosion that the rapper did at the beginning of her career, Adele took a breath and reinterpreted this memorable verse. Years later, Nicki Minaj impressed her with an impersonation of her accent and also singing "Someone Like You" in the same interview format.

Billie Eilish

Although the artistic proposal is different, Billie Eilish was and continues to be a 'belieber'. In her documentary "The World's A Little Blurry," she chronicles her process of being a Justin Bieber fan. After her presentation at Coachella, the singer surprised her backstage and fulfilled her dream as a fan.

Now the two have a very close relationship, so much so that Justin Bieber invited her to his last birthday party. The singer fully fulfilled her teenage dream: to be an artist with global recognition and meet her favorite singer.

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Taylor Swift

Despite the controversy after Taylor Swift's “1989” beat Kendick Lamar's “To Pimp A Butterfly” at the 2016 Grammys, she has always been a fan of the rapper. For example, “Backseat Freestyle” was one of the songs that she said made her feel safe during a certain time in her life when she was mobbed by paparazzi.

Ed Sheeran, Justin Timberlake, Paramore or U2 are also artists who are among the head musicians that the pop star has.

Cardi B

Although she had a social media misunderstanding with Madonna last year, the queen of pop is the rapper's favorite artist. Four years before this controversy, Cardi B met the 'popstar' and reacted on her Instagram about what happened. “The best part is that she is everything I thought she would be… I am so happy,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

Another star that is among Cardi B's favorites is Beyoncé. The two have a very good relationship, to the point that Beyoncé has given her presents. More recently, Cardi B surprised her in a Instagram direct singing "Break My Soul" at the top of her lungs.