Tini: An Established Musical Star in Latin America?

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The Argentine singer has shown her enormous versatility on and off stage. We tell you everything about Tini's career.

Tini Stoessel

Photo: Tini Pandora

LatinAmerican Post | Ariel Cipolla

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Argentina's music scene is constantly on the rise, from the appearance of established stellar figures in the international arena, such as Bizarrap or Duki, to the emergence of some complete artists, such as the case of Tini. In this case, it was the most searched for Argentina on Google in 2022, demonstrating its popularity.

But that's not all: he has also achieved great recognition in Latin America thanks to his songs. For example, she was the fourth most streamed female artist since Viva Latino, which is Spotify's top playlist. Above her are significant figures like KAROL G, Feid, Shakira, and Bad Bunny.

But who is she? Martina "Tini" Stoessel is an Argentine singer, actress, and dancer who became known for her role on the Disney Channel series "Violetta." Since then, she has forged a successful career in music and television and become one of Latin America's most recognized artists.

Tini's Enormous Career

Tini's musical career began in 2013. At that time, she recorded the soundtrack for "Violetta" with her co-stars. His first single as a solo artist, "Ya No Hay Nadie Que Nos Pare," was released in 2015 and was a success throughout Latin America. This helped consolidate Tini's career.

That same year, he also released his debut album, "Tini," which included collaborations with artists such as Nacho, Lali Espósito, and Morat. That year, Tini began her first solo tour, "Got Me Started Tour," which took her throughout Latin America and Europe. However, her career to stardom would start in 2016.

That same year, she released her second album, "Tini: El Gran Cambio de Violetta," which included themes from the television series and original songs. In 2018, Tini released her third album, "Quiero Volver," collaborating with artists such as Karol G, Nacho, and Sebastian Yatra. The album's lead single, "Te Quiero Más," was one of the most streamed songs on Spotify.

Since then, Tini has continued to release music and collaborate with other artists. In 2020, he released his fourth album, "Tini Tini Tini," which included tracks in Spanish, English, and Italian. The album includes collaborations with artists such as Ovy On The Drums, Alejandro Sanz, and Greeicy, which made it continue to rise.

Now, what is interesting is that Tini not only transcended music but she has also worked on television. After her role in "Violetta," she appeared in the Argentine television series "Simona" in 2018 and starred in the film "Tini: El Gran Cambio de Violetta" in 2016. She was also a jury member in the Argentine version of "The Voice" in 2020.

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So why is Tini one of the most recognized artists in Latin America? First of all, his success in music is undeniable. He has created several hit albums and has collaborated with some of the most prominent artists in Latin music. At 25, she is a fully established artist in Latin America.

His musical style is versatile and adapts to the musical tastes of the moment. Although he dedicates himself mainly to reggaeton, he has also made pop and ballad-style songs. This could be seen in "Cupido," his latest record, released in February 2023 and was a huge success.

Similarly, he toured successfully worldwide and has won several awards, including an MTV Europe Music Award. Tini has managed to maintain her popularity over the years. Although she began her career on television, she has successfully transitioned into music and has built a solid career as a solo artist, which is not easy.

Finally, Tini is also an inspiration for many young people in Latin America. She has achieved much success in her career and has used her platform to advocate for important causes such as gender equality and the environment. For this reason, she is one of the female singers that generate the most impact among women.

With millions of views on the leading streaming platforms, Tini Stoessel is one of the most prominent artists in Latin America. And you, have you heard their songs yet?