The Most Expensive Smartphones on the Market Today

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In this 2022, there are cell phones that are positioned as the most coveted by people, despite the high cost

iPhone 14

Photo: Apple Inc.

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In an increasingly competitive market, the quality, price, and design of smartphones make the difference between one and the other. And users, increasingly demanding, are betting on buying cell phones with multiple functions and easy operation. The foregoing with the aim of being fashionable and at the forefront, and not losing track of a technology that is advancing by leaps and bounds and without any brakes.

The price can be another of the determining and determining variables when buying a smartphone. For the same reason, in the following article we show you the four most expensive cell phones, along with the strengths that each one has and what makes them so special.

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4. Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra ($799)

With a striking design, ideal for taking pictures and a stunning screen, Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is the most affordable smartphone in terms of price on this list. However, it is no less interesting for that. The value for money here is proven. Xiaomi points to a cell phone with a ceramic body, large (it could be handled with both hands) and has the peculiarity that the volume control and the lock option are positioned on the far right of the device, which makes the experience more friendly. As mentioned before, the screen is quite large, but it is not exaggerated either, since the colors, brightness, and resolution complement each other perfectly.

3. iPhone 13 ($799)

Storage, memory, a powerful camera and a long-lasting battery, this is how IPhone 13 is presented, and it is not surprising that it is positioned at number three on this list. The battery of a new IPhone 13 can last, playing a video, up to 28 hours. Another issue to keep in mind is that it is resistant to water, dust and splashes, lasting underwater at a maximum depth of six meters for 30 minutes.

2. Honor Magic 3 ($898)

A 453-pixel screen, with a tremendous processor and considerable dimensions, is what Honor offers, after separating from Huawei. Honor Magic 3 has a certification against water, and can be submerged at 1.5 meters for half an hour, and this device can hold up to 19 applications open simultaneously. When it comes to download speed, this phone reaches 6.1 GBPS.

1. iPhone 14 ($1,300)

With the longest battery life, a great ability to record high-quality photos in low light, an incredible screen and great resistance to water, the iPhone 14 is currently the most expensive smartphone on the market. Also, is one of the most ambitious projects.

Added to the aforementioned characteristics is the security it provides. For example, it can detect rare "ask for help" situations when the person who owns the cell phone is unable to do so. It can even register if its owner suffers a traffic accident, immediately calling the emergency services or the closest contacts. A very striking latest model.