Gallery: 8 Sustainable Clothing Brands in Latin America

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The Traditional Fashion Industry has been Highly Polluting. For this Reason, More and More Brands are Committing to Sustainability.

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LatinAmerican Post | María Fernanda Ramírez Ramos

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The current environmental crisis is still a problem for everyone. Fashion is not far behind. With fast fashion and the intention of reducing costs, many brands have fiercely exploited the environment and workers.

A report by the Global Fashion Agenda organization indicates that in 2018 this industry produced 2.1 billion tons of Greenhouse Gas emissions. Likewise, the organization Sustain Your Style indicates that the global fashion industry generates 10% of greenhouse gases. This, “due to the energy used during its production, manufacture and transport of the millions of garments that are bought each year”, it points out.

For this reason, more and more citizens are betting on brands with social responsibility and clear environmental policies. Next, we share some sustainable clothing brands from Latin America.

There are many more brands that are joining the commitment to work with sustainability and social responsibility. Likewise, there are groups such as the International Latin American Sustainable Fashion Movement, Entre Soles y Lunas Foundation Program, which seeks to bring together brands, artisans, suppliers and designers who are dedicated to responsible production.

However, there is still a great challenge and that is that the prices of this type of brand are usually higher than those of fast fashion. This is precisely because they use better quality materials, pay their workers better and design durable garments.