Grounding: A Life-Changing Practice With Great Health Benefits

What if we could recharge our batteries, literally charging our body with energy from the Earth? In reality, we only need to get rid of our shoes to enjoy the endless health benefits that touching the ground with our feet can bring.

The Woman Post | Carolina Rodríguez Monclou

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"Grounding, also called Earthing, is simply the practice of walking barefoot on land, grass, or sand. That is, coming into contact with the energy of the Earth through the feet," explains Yolanda Peralta, pharmacist and bioenergetic therapist, in an interview with Uppers.es.

According to the expert, human beings are electrical beings. We act as antennas since we are capable of emitting and capturing energy. As proof of it, most of our biological processes are produced by exchanges of electrical charges. Positively charged ions are created in these exchanges, and we need negatively charged ions (electrons) to stay healthy. For this reason, connecting with the Earth through Grounding allows us to take advantage of its electrical charge and benefit greatly.

Beach Sand, Grass, and Ceramic Floors Are the Best Surfaces To Walk Barefoot

"We can connect with the Earth in many ways. But you must know that not all surfaces are suitable," warns Peralta. "The most appropriate thing is to walk barefoot through sand, grass, or Earth, but also bricks, and ceramic material, since all of them are good conductors. For example, walking by the seashore, near or in the water, would be a good exercise for Grounding because, in addition, saltwater is a good conductor. However, asphalt, wood, plastic or vinyl, being insulators, are not suitable for carrying out this healthy practice", affirms the expert, for whom Grounding is, above all, a good healthy lifestyle habit, just as a nutritious diet, enough rest and moderate exercise.

Although there are many spaces where you can practice Grounding, it is true that contact with the Earth does not seem easy in large cities. "It's true," acknowledges Yolanda Peralta, "but there are always alternatives and small gestures that can help if you spend a lot of time in closed environments."

The Earthing Movie

Josh and Rebecca Tickell are the filmmakers behind "The Earthing Movie," a 2019 documentary exploring the scientifically proven health benefits of walking barefoot. For making the audiovisual piece, Josh and Rebecca found over 21 peer-reviewed studies that show that when you connect to the Earth, your body immediately starts to reverse inflammation.

As Josh Tickell explained during an interview with The List Show TV, "Earth has a slight negative charge, negative twenty millivolts. When that connects with your body, it calms the body, lowers the viscosity of the blood, allows our bodies to heal, and reduces inflammation."


Josh and his wife Rebecca decided to make the documentary since they have experienced all the benefits of Grounding for a long time. After walking barefoot, Rebeca's mood shifted, and she stopped having depression and anxiety. As a result of that, she now feels healthier than ever. According to the couple, 10 to 15 minutes a day of Earthing will radically reduce just the stress in your body.

Finally, it is hard to believe that something as simple as being on the ground without shoes can have such an overwhelming list of benefits: From reducing the concentration of glucose in the blood and urine; stabilizing iron levels; balancing heart and respiratory rate; decreasing the secretion of cortisol (the stress hormone); reduce inflammation and oxidation and thus pain; avoid the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields; to improving circadian rhythm and sleep at night, as well as vitality during the day.