7 Soccer Promises to Follow in the Copa Libertadores 2022

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South America is the cradle of the best soccer players on the continent and the Copa Libertadores is the ideal showcase to see them. Here we list 7 soccer promises who will seek to make the leap in this 2022 .

Exequiel Zeballos and Nicolas Marichal

Photo: IG-exezeballos02, IG-nicomarichal.18

LatinAmerican Post | Theoscar Mogollón González

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The biggest football party at the club level in America has already begun: the Conmebol Libertadores Cup . The most prestigious tournament in this part of the world is characterized by giving us great moments, multiple winners and, above all, magnificent players. Precisely, the latter tend to take center stage thanks to their different talents with and without the ball, as well as being able to attract the attention of European clubs in order to make a great leap in their careers.

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But not everything is about soccer players consecrated in South American territory. The spotlights also look for those promises who, despite their young age, are projected as the future of football. For the players who live on the American continent, there is no better showcase than the Copa Libertadores, and in this 2022 we will see several of those prospects trying to be noticed. Keep an eye out for these upcoming talents!

Mark Gomez

At just 20 years of age, the Olimpia midfielder is one of the great promises of Paraguayan soccer who is shaping up to be a fixture of the Guarani team. Since his debut in the first team, Marcos has shown everything a footballer should have in his position: deployment, reading of the game and passing. Although he has an average height (1.74 cm), he stands out for his great athletic ability that allows him to occupy many meters on the pitch. Much of Olimpia's game goes through his feet.

Exequiel Zeballos

He is already considered the new jewel of Boca Juniors and boy has he been able to demonstrate it. At 19 years old, "Changuito" plays before thousands of people without stage fright and as if he were doing it in the patio of his house. Irreverent, unbalanced, skilled, are just some of the characteristics that define him , since his biotype is the typical footballer who likes to have the ball at his feet and the "10" on his back. In this Copa Libertadores 2022, not only the xeneize club is expected to play a leading role, but also this new promise of Argentine soccer.

Yerson Chacon

The new great promise of Venezuela. At only 18 years of age , this talented attacker has already become the offensive card of Deportivo Táchira, a club that has not had good performances in recent editions of the Copa Libertadores. Despite this, Yerson's virtues are an important plus for the team to be able to advance to the phase this 2022. His short stature (1.66 cm) limits him in certain aspects, but without a doubt he is privileged when driving the ball, face the area and finish off with a powerful mid-distance punch.


While Brazil has a long list of promising players, this time around we won't be looking at the typical skilful attacker that many clubs hope to achieve. And it is that Abner is one of those reliable players who work without much focus of attention, but who somehow become a vital piece of any strategist. Atlético Paranaense has trained this 21-year-old left-hander who can play as a winger or winger, as his speed, transitions and precise passes make him a more than versatile footballer.

Johann Chavez

It is no longer a surprise to anyone that Independiente del Valle is a reference in the sub-20 categories, and precisely for this year they have another young man who promises to achieve prominence in the Copa Libertadores. Johanner is not the typical left back that everyone believes, because beyond his defensive abilities such as setbacks and marking, his offensive skills, speed and punch also make him an extra goal card for the team. 19 years seem few for the maturity he has when it comes to playing.

Brayan Ceballos

A total of 11 Colombians will be playing this year in Brazilian soccer and Brayan is not only one of them, but also the youngest. The lanky 20-year-old central defender (he measures 1.89 cm) has earned his place at the Fortaleza club through good performances, which he hopes to continue to do in the Copa Libertadores. Born in Santiago de Cali, he stands out for his excellent aerial game, without leaving behind his great speed, power and physique that help him in defensive one-on-one.

Nicholas Marichal

Uruguay is known for its famous "charrúa claw" and the respect that its central defenders generate in each match. And it is that the new generation behind the sky-blue team will begin to fall on this 21-year-old boy, who has already earned a place in the starting XI of Nacional, a team that aims to advance to the Libertadores phase. As expected in a footballer of his biotype (1.84 cm tall), positioning and speed are his main cards when trying to stop rival attacks.