Grammys 2022: the Most Popular Looks on the Red Carpet

About one of the most important nights in the music industry, we bring you the looks that attracted the most attention during the 2022 Grammys ceremony.

Dua Lipa, Avril Lavigne and Bomba Estereo

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Whether in the film or music industry, the red carpet should never be missing from an awards ceremony. Only seven days had passed since the Oscar gala and now it was the turn of the Grammys to shine the path of the different invited celebrities, and boy did it happen. On this occasion, it was the MGM Grand Garden Arena, in Las Vegas, the stage that dressed up to host the 64th edition of the most prestigious music awards.

As many already know, every red carpet has a dress code that must be followed to maintain an atmosphere full of glamor and beauty. But while it is normal to dress in a formal dress or tuxedo, several artists take this opportunity to let the imagination fly by wearing striking looks that later go down in history as unforgettable. Did these 2022 Grammys have moments like that? Of course yes!

Extravagance and elegance combined to give us a magical night in Las Vegas. As with any red carpet, expectations were high and before awarding the musicians, it was important to first see their taste in fashion. Without further ado, we present to you the most popular looks at the Grammy Awards.

Dua Lipa

No matter what ceremony she is in, Dua Lipa is capable of captivating anyone who sets their eyes on her. For this occasion, the British singer wore a black dress with transparencies on top and straps from the Versace brand, as well as a blonde color on her hair that further enhanced her natural beauty.

Billie Eilish

Billie's evolution and presence are becoming more and more noticeable, since it is no longer simply about her spectacular voice but also about her taste for fashion. The artist took over all eyes on the red carpet once she was present and in part thanks to her enigmatic look that resembles a Tim Burton movie. Her caped dress is the work of designer Rick Owens.

Megan Thee Stallion

If there is a word that defines the look of the rapper, it is sensuality. And without a doubt that was what the North American squandered during the Grammy red carpet, who stood out for her one-shoulder animal print dress with a front opening, made by designer Roberto Cavalli. Surely more than one will have been speechless with that seductive outfit.

Olivia Rodrigo

If there was a singer who correctly understood what a red carpet meant, it was Olivia. Elegance was on her side since she arrived at the gala and we could see that with her black dress embroidered with pink and silver rhinestones that turned her into a kind of mermaid. The designer Vivienne Westwood was in charge of giving it that nineties gothic touch that ended up being one of the most acclaimed by critics and fans.

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J Balvin

Extravagance is part of their routine and we know that in Latin America. The Colombian artist was one of the many Latinos who were present on the red carpet of the Grammys. For this occasion, he again made clear his particular style of fashion. With striking blue hair, J Balvin wore a rather elegant black suit with a Japanese reminiscence.

Avril Lavigne

Do the years pass him by? The pop-punk singer returned to the world of music with everything and did not leave her taste for fashion behind. Avril brought out her rebellious side without forgetting elegance. On this red carpet, the firm MOI MOI made her shine with a layered black tulle dress with a deep neckline and open at the front of the legs. It is worth noting that between the neckline and the skirt she had a ribbon with the name of her most recent album, "Love Sux".


Like a true diva, the pop singer appeared. Elegance was what she left in her wake on the red carpet of the Grammys thanks to her wonderful combination: a spectacular long dress in brown and black from the Pressiat brand, as well as a side hat and a set of Tiffany diamond jewelry. Without a doubt, this choice made her look quite avant-garde.

Lil Nas X

There is no more eccentric artist today than him. Many were waiting for the rapper's arrival on the red carpet to see what he was going to surprise us with, and as expected, he ended up being the center of attention. His white outfit of jacket and pants were decorated with Balmain pearl embroidery, added to his platform boots with the same pearl details. Perhaps a bit formal for what we are used to.

Lenny Kravitz

The classic rock style never goes out of style. They are already 57 years old for Lenny and he continues to sport a physique like that of his beginnings in music. In his case, it is worth mentioning that he did not show anything new on the red carpet, since he dressed as himself, with a silver mesh blouse combined with black leather pants, knee-high boots, some chain necklaces, jewelry, and some round sunglasses.

Stereo Bomb

Making the most of a red carpet to show off something out of the ordinary was what the Colombian group did. However, what really caught the attention of Bomba Estéreo was not her outfit, since for example Li Saumet wore a striking pink dress, but her particular masks in a kind of tribute to mother earth. The truth of the matter is that they also left all of Latin America on high.