The Best Knife for Your Agent — Karambit Crimson Web

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Crimson Web is one of the most attractive aesthetic choices that suits many characters.

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Since the release of Operation Shattered Web, CS:GO players have been able to choose full-body character customizations. Arm your agent with an eye-catching karambit knife for a perfect look! Crimson Web is one of the most attractive aesthetic choices that suits many characters.

This knife, shaped like a tiger's claw, has a plethora of looks. The elegant red-and-black combo is a rare and valuable drop. Its design is similar to the M9 Bayonet Crimson Web in terms of colors and pattern. Both skins appeared almost a decade ago — in 2013, along with The Arms Deal update. Here is what the karambit looks like.

Overview of Design

Crimson Web has a minimalistic color palette. The blade and the finger ring are solid red and the handle is black. The blade is covered with a black web pattern and a semi-gloss top coat.

This design is not sophisticated, but it is elegant and eye-catching. A Crimson Web karambit will look great in the hands of agents such as:

  • Captain Crasswater,
  • Vypa Sista of the Revolution,
  • The Elite Mr. Muhlik,
  • Sir Bloody Loudmouth Darryl.

Conditions and Effect of Float

Given the float value from 0.06 to 0.80, you can find this skin at all levels of wear. The knife does not have any abrasions until the Field-Tested condition. They gradually develop in the center of the blade and along its cutting edge. The skin also loses up to 60% of the paint.

The majority of skins in CS:GO are not affected by the pattern index, but Crimson Web is an exception. The index determines how many web centers are visible and where they are located. The rarest types have three or more web centers on the blade.

Overview of Prices

Crimson Web is relatively expensive, as it is only found in cases released between 2013 and 2015. As of now, the cheapest Battle-Scarred knife on Steam costs around $450. There is no recent price for a Factory New condition, neither basic nor StatTrak. The StatTrak versions of other stages cost between $560-$1,700.

DMarket lets players save around $100 on Field-Tested (StatTrak) and Battle-Scarred (Basic) skins. These are currently listed for around $486 and $355, respectively. A Factory New item costs $4,999.99.

Where to Buy

As Crimson Web is one of the rarest skins, you cannot always find the necessary condition on Steam. The official Valve community has major limitations that make trading technically useless. Members are not allowed to withdraw their earnings. The prices are not always the most competitive, either. This explains massive migration to independent platforms.

Fast and flexible withdrawals are supported by DMarket, a massive third-party marketplace launched in 2017. It offers over 1 million skins, secure transactions and flexible payments via 20+ methods. Take advantage of its competitive prices and equip your agent with the Crimson Web karambit. You can also explore a wealth of other assets and monetize your in-game possessions!

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