Rihanna’s pregnancy: the most creative maternity announcements in recent times

The eccentricity of some celebrities is not limited to their career , for example, also in the way they announce their pregnancy. Regarding the news of Rihanna’s pregnancy, we bring you the most original announcements.

The eccentricity of some celebrities is not limited to their career , for example, also in the way they announce their pregnancy. Regarding the news of Rihanna’s pregnancy, we bring you the most original announcements.

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Over the years, celebrities have shown a lot of creativity when it comes to announcing their pregnancies. Even a few days ago, Rihanna surprised the world by spreading that she is expecting her first child with A$AP Rocky in a rather curious way. To publicize the information, she decided to dress in a vintage Chanel coat from the fall 1996 collection, low-rise baggy jeans, chains and a crossover necklace, circulate in the streets of New York and let herself be photographed by the paparazzi Miles Diggs or just Diggzy, recognized by Vogue as the main fashion paparazzi.

Undoubtedly, the attitude of the diva has been original and unforgettable. However, other celebrities have also managed to impact society with their different, attractive and even tender ways of informing the arrival of their heirs.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom

In March 2020, the female star delighted her fans by announcing her pregnancy by applying her talents in a memorable way. The singer chose to tell the news through the video clip of her song "Never Worn White". In the last part of the video, Katy appeared in profile informing the world that she was waiting sweetly.

After publishing the video clip, Orlando Bloom's wife went to the networks to give details about the arrival of Daisy Dove. Very excited and joyful, Perry expressed her great satisfaction at becoming a mom.

Astrid Klisans and Carlos Baute

In 2019, Astrid and Carlos experienced their third pregnancy. Due to possible complications, the couple had decided to wait to tell the good news after a few weeks, when they felt more confident and the situation stabilized.

However, the media spread rumors about the third heir, causing their own families to claim the lack of information. Finally, after a few days, the couple posted a photo on their social networks with the other little ones showing their happiness.

Ximena Navarrete and Juan Carlos Valladares

In the summer of 2021, the former Miss Universe told ¡Hello! Mexico who was waiting for her son. A short time later, he corroborated the news with a beautiful photo in which we saw the image of the sonogram reflected on the screen of his mobile device while he kissed his partner.

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Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott

In September 2021, the businesswoman and sixth daughter of the Kardashian clan confirmed her second pregnancy with Travis Scott. To announce the arrival of a new baby, the socialite chose to make a very elaborate video at the height of her popularity on Instagram.

In the one and a half minute short, we can see how Jenner and Scott find out about the new life and how they tell Kris Jenner about the arrival of her grandson/granddaughter. Even the mediatic grandmother reveals that she is living one of the happiest days of her life and celebrates the novelty. Likewise, the montage has the more than special participation of Stormi and family shots in what seems to be the birthday of the youngest daughter of the Kardashians.

Evaluna Montaner and Camilo Echeverry

Just like Katy Perry, Ricardo Montaner's daughter decided to tell the world about her pregnancy through her musical gift. For that, he recorded “Índigo”, a song totally dedicated to his first son. In her video clip, Evaluna appears singing and showing off her still shy belly in different shots together with Camilo. Likewise, the video shows the reaction of their relatives to the good news.

Greeicy and Mike Bahía

Greeicy and Mike have also surfed the wave of thematic content telling the news of their pregnancy through the video clip “Att: Amor”.

In the Christmas-themed video clip, the Colombian actress and singer, who has been in a relationship with her partner for more than 9 years, shows off her pregnancy by showing her belly, which is only revealed in the final portion of the content.

The music video that premiered on December 23, 2021 has generated a great commotion among the followers and many celebrities. So much so that celebrities such as Daniela Darcourt, Maricarmen Marín and Ezio Oliva have left sweet messages of congratulations on the singers' social networks.

It is worth noting that Greeicy's father, Luis Alberto Rendón, had advanced the news during an interview with the Buen Día program. However, the couple has chosen to speak out at the perfect opportunity.

As you can see, not only Rihanna and A$AP Rocky have known how to announce their pregnancy in a creative and original way. Numerous Latin American and Hollywood couples have shown that the confirmation of the arrival of a baby can be a magical moment for both the couple and their circle and followers. For that, it is enough to use your imagination and let the typical happiness of the sublime moment flow.