The Streaming Premieres for February on Netflix, Disney and more Platforms

Action, suspense, love and drama will be what we will see in the next streaming premieres for February.

Still from the series 'Vikings: Valhalla' and 'Raised by Wolves'

Photos: Netflix, HBO Max

LatinAmerican Post | Theoscar Mogollón

In the blink of an eye we went from celebrating the end of the year to welcoming February. Time moves quickly and, therefore, the different streaming platforms prepare in advance to give us the best possible content. What will be the most anticipated premieres on Netflix, HBO Max, Disney +, Hulu, Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video for the second month of the year? Here we list the streaming premieres for February!

Pam & Tommy (February 2 - Hulu)

This 8-episode miniseries was created by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen exclusively for Hulu, but will also premiere simultaneously on Disney+. Lily James and Sebastian Stan star in this biographical drama where they will play renowned model Pamela Anderson and drummer Tommy Lee, who during their marriage had to deal with the leak of a sex video they recorded in private when they were on their honeymoon.


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Raised By Wolves (February 3 - HBO Max)

It was a pleasant surprise when this Ridley Scott-produced series hit HBO Max screens on 2020. "Raised By Wolves" focuses on two androids tasked with raising human children on a new planet after Earth was destroyed. The truth of the matter is that this second season promises to reveal certain mysteries that were pending, such as alien fossils, as well as the new threat that promises to extinguish what remains of the human race.


Suspicion (February 4 - Apple TV)

This is one of the most ambitious projects for Apple TV in 2022. Fans of the series of suspense will be delighted with this plot, which introduces us to Uma Thurman as the main character. She plays a prominent businesswoman who suffers from the kidnapping of her son in a New York hotel and whose suspicions fall on four apparently normal citizens who were in the place. This is how a hunt begins to catch the real culprit of everything.


Book of Love (February 4 - Amazon Prime Video)

Amazon Prime will premiere a romantic comedy production on its platform with a view to Valentine's Day. The story introduces us to Henry (Sam Claflin), a British writer who discovers that his failed novel became a success in Mexico. When he travels there he finds out that the translator, María (Verónica Echegui), turned the work into an erotic novel. But despite her annoyance, Henry will be forced to work with her during the book tour where her perspective will change.


Madres Paralelas (February 18 - Netflix)

The latest from filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar can finally be enjoyed via streaming. On this occasion, the plot will focus on two pregnant women: Janis and Ana. They both met at the hospital and are single mothers, and they even have a different vision of motherhood that in the end will create a bond that will become stronger during the Birth. Penélope Cruz's magnificent performance is one of the many reasons not to miss it.


The King's Man (February 23 - Disney+)

One of the most anticipated films by many will have its premiere on Disney+. The Kingsman trilogy is completed with this plot that shows us how the organization was born during the events of the First World War. And it is that after a group of tyrants and criminals come together to plan a war that would make millions disappear, a man will put all his effort so that it does not happen and thus found the best espionage agency.


Vikings: Valhalla (February 25 - Netflix)

After six seasons where we saw the exploits of Ragnar Lothbrok, Lagertha and their children, the series "Vikings" came to an end. However, such was its success that now it is the turn of the new spin-off that will be exclusive to Netflix and which will take place 100 years after the original. For this new installment we will meet other great Vikings in history such as Leif Erikson, Freydis, Harald Harada and King William the Conqueror. Now the fight will be Christian Viking armies against Pagan Viking armies to see who prevails.