The Six Most Valued Goalkeepers in the World

These are the most valued goalkeepers on the market.

Jan Oblak and Marc Ter Stegen

We will show you the six most sought-after goalkeepers in the world according to the Transfermarkt website, appearing in the list of goalkeepers who play in the best leagues in the world. Photos: IG-oblakjan, IG-mterstegen1

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The goalkeeper position is considered one of the most complex inside a soccer field since it has always been said that the goalkeeper can have an outstanding performance, stop a lot of shots or be the hero with a covered penalty, but Before the slightest mistake he makes, he will be the villain of the day and will be pointed out, pointed out and framed in a rather uncomfortable position.

Currently, there are many goalkeepers who are very well evaluated in their teams, national teams and in the competitive market, either for their quick reflexes, good positioning, serving with their feet or for the security they provide in the air game.

Well, in the following article we will show you the six most sought-after goalkeepers in the world according to the Transfermarkt website, appearing in the list of goalkeepers who play in the best leagues in the world and where most of them have been performing in the world for many years. maximum level, and therefore the value of your pass.

1. Jan Oblak (Atlético de Madrid-70 million euros)

326 games with the Atlético de Madrid shirt, 240 goals conceded and 165 commitments leaving a clean sheet, those are the impressive numbers of Jan Oblak. The Slovenian goalkeeper is in his eighth season with Atlético Madrid and has long become one of the best goalkeepers in the world. His incredible reflexes and his absolute security that he provides to the defense have been key in the team of coach Diego Simeone and, at 28 years old, his market value is the highest and he does not seem to move considering that he has many years left in the game. soccer world.

2. Gianluigi Donnarumma (Paris Saint Germain-65 million euros)

He was the youngest goalkeeper in history to make his debut in a Serie A match in Italy, and the second-oldest footballer to do so in a Milan shirt. Today, at 22 years old, Gianluigi Donnarumma can boast of having 270 games as a professional footballer while still very young . Most of his promising career was spent with the Italian team, but surprisingly for this season he signed for Paris Saint Germain of France, at zero cost after finalizing his contract with the Rossoneri. He is currently fighting for the title with the Costa Rican Keylor Navas, and while he is waiting to permanently stay with the fixed position in the eleven he is already the second most expensive goalkeeper of the moment.

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3. Thibaut Courtois (Real Madrid-60 million euros)

With a past in powerful teams such as Atlético de Madrid and Chelsea, and with several seasons in the body playing for the powerful Real Madrid, Thibaut Courtois was considered one of the best goalkeepers of the last decade and in the current one it seems that that will be reaffirmed since he is going through an incredible moment with the Spanish team, he has already played two World Cups with the Belgian team and aspires to be a key piece of his team in Qatar 2022. Used to being in the ranking of best saves day by day And with many years of career ahead of it, it is not at all surprising that its market value continues to be high.

4. Alisson Becker (Liverpool-60 million euros)

One of the two most sought-after Brazilian goalkeepers and therefore part of this select list, Alisson Becker has won very important titles throughout his career such as a Champions League, a Club World Cup, a Super Cup of the UEFA and the 2019 Copa América with the Brazilian team. As if that were not enough, he saves in one of the best teams in the world and with Brazil he certified his presence in the next World Cup in advance. 60 million euros is his current value according to Transfermarkt, which makes it very difficult for him to move from Liverpool, and it does not seem that this is his wish either.

5. Marc-André ter Stegen (55 million euros)

Huge reflexes, great ability to make decisions, and owner of one of the best footwork reminiscent of a goalkeeper, Marc-André ter Stegen is not a starter in Germany due to the presence of Manuel Neuer, but he has been around for many years at Barcelona, a club with which he has won leagues and a Champions League. Unfortunately, in recent years Barcelona has entered a deep institutional crisis, and that has reduced the performance of many of its players, affecting precisely the German, who has been insecure, committing improper mistakes. Despite the above, it continues to have a non-negligible value of 55 million euros.

6. Ederson Moraes (50 million euros)

The second Brazilian goalkeeper on the list and the last place. Ederson Moraes, 28, is in one of his best moments; and proof of this is that his market value continues to be one of the highest for a goalkeeper. Like Ter Stegen, Ederson can boast of having a great game with his feet, being almost always the first pass option in Manchester City and the one who often starts the game. If he can win the Premier League again, or finally the Champions League, it is more than likely that Ederson's value will continue to rise.