David de Gea: The Best Moments of his Career

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The Spanish goalkeeper completed 200 clean sheets, so here we decided to review his best moments. Is David de Gea one of the best goalkeepers in soccer history?.

David De Gea

After the win against Norwich City, the experienced Spaniard got his 200 clean sheet. Photo: IG-d_degeaofficial

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David De Gea is one of the best goalkeepers on the planet. After the victory against Norwich City, the experienced Spaniard obtained his clean sheet number 200. That is to say, an impressive number of games where he did not receive goals, something that is explained by his enormous talent.

200 cleansheet, vamos De Gea! ???? pic.twitter.com/DycTVySc9c

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Currently at Manchester United, it can be seen that De Gea is a key player in the aspirations of this institution. For this reason, we decided to review all those moments where the Spaniard showed the world that he is a goalkeeper who can offer enormous guarantees.

Atlético de Madrid 2 - Fulham 1 (2010)

At the time, he was just a young goalkeeper with a huge future ahead of him. However, in this game it was also possible to see that he was up for great things. This game was decisive for the Spanish stardom, since it happened in the final of the Europa League in 2010.

That game was really important to him. De Gea had a saving hand in one of the worst moments of the mattress team, as he took an incredible shot at Simon Davies. In general terms, it was a fundamental piece to sustain the previous 1-1, until then Forlán secured the victory.

In that first season he was awarded as the Revelation Player of the 2009-2010 La Liga season, which demonstrated his great level.

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Arsenal 1 - Manchester United 3 (2017)

By 2017, David De Gea had been on the England team for a couple of years. However, that game was truly consecrating to demonstrate its performance. The Spanish goalkeeper made 14 saves in that match and allowed the team lead at that time by Mourinho to win a great victory.

That confrontation was characterized by enormous offensive power from those in London who demanded the Spanish on several occasions. For example, at one point Lukaku himself almost scored an own goal, although De Gea was able to prevent it. On another occasion, the goalkeeper managed to clear a shot from Lacazette and saved the rebound that was going to generate Alexis Sánchez to score.

Among his 14 saves, 9 were really outstanding, showing that he is a goalkeeper who perfectly combines experience with reflexes.

Manchester United 2 - PSG 1 (2020)

The Spanish goalkeeper would prove to be in full force last season. De Gea had one of the best performances of his life against one of the most powerful teams of the time, PSG, in a match corresponding to the last game of the UEFA Champions League group stage.

His most outstanding save came against Argentine Di María in the 11th minute, when he managed to stretch to avoid the goal. However, a minute later the danger returned, when Kurzawa finished inside the small area and De Gea showed the Parisians that he also has the great virtue of always being well positioned.

This was another consecrating game for De Gea, which silenced any type of criticism that might exist about him, to become one of the leaders of Old Trafford.

Manchester United 2 - West Ham 1

This year, the Red Devils had the return of Cristiano Ronaldo, which suggests that they are serious candidates for the UEFA Champions League. However, De Gea's figure also grew once again in some key league games.

Mainly, the most important occurred in September, when United faced West Ham. In the 95th minute a penalty was charged that endangered the victory of the locals. The Spaniard redeemed himself from criticism that he saved few penalties and managed to stop Mark Noble's shot.

In short, De Gea shows at 31 that he is in one of the best moments of his career.