Unexpected Merger With Colombia's Flagship Product

Coffee and CBD, derived from medical cannabis, merge their qualities in an interesting, new and delicious drink that makes palates fall in love. Today it is consumed in the United States and will soon be released in Europe.

The Woman Post | María Consuelo Caicedo Toro

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The quality of the coffee that is planted in the so-called coffee axis of Colombia transcends the borders of the countries recognized for many years in many corners of the world where its flavor and smoothness are tasted by millions of palates.

Today that famous, aromatic brown coffee has a new partner, CBD, made from medicinal cannabis. This combination provides the consumer with energizing and relaxing ingredients. Those who make the fusion also explain that whoever takes it could experience its effects on a more active memory, stable moods, and a decrease in stress and anxiety.

In 2019, coffee with cannabis began to star in the United States when the first restaurant was opened in the city of Los Angeles where its customers can taste it. It is about Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe whose owners obtained the first license for the legal consumption of cannabis in this country.


The Zetaquira municipality of the department of Boyacá, in Colombia, is the land of origin of coffee that is mixed with cannabis substance, a process that results in a novel proposal that today reaches California, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Georgia, and Florida. The projection of the manufacturers is to make that the product can also be tasted in Asia and Europe in the near future.

The coffee, not yet combined, is exported by Grupo Aión to the North American state of Florida, where the company of Colombian origin, Biowellness, through a nanotechnological process, combines with Cannabidiol (also known as CBD) and achieves an interesting fusion, which is then packed and released to the market. The mixture is supervised by experts who achieve the ideal balance between ingredients that contribute positively to the well-being of consumers.


The presence of Cannabidiol in mass consumer products is not a novelty in international markets where the substance is included in candies, pet food, and derivatives of the cosmetic market. Its fusion with coffee -whose effects are energizing and can generate anxiety- is attractive for the calming components of cannabis. The result is a balanced drink in which the rich taste of coffee prevails.


Not everyone will consume CBD coffee with the same effect. For this reason, both fusion manufacturers and doctors recommend consulting a specialist to regulate its consumption at home or in social spaces such as restaurants or cafes.

While a cup of the drink may not have a special effect, perhaps too frequent or excessive consumption has the potential to affect health. This is not a secret for anyone, any product consumed in excess, even when it is not coffee with cannabis, could exert adverse influences on the human organism.

It is pertinent then to know that CBD potentiates creative talent and increases the ability to pay attention, has calming effects, and relieves tension. Coffee, for its part, stimulates the central nervous system, provides energy and is a diuretic. Coffee and CBD then merge their qualities in an interesting, novel, and delicious steaming drink that makes palates fall in love.

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