"El Pelusa" Arrives On Amazon In "Maradona: Blessed Dream"

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The series has premiered its first five episodes and tells us about the important moments in the life of "El Diego". This is our review of Maradona, blessed dream .

Still from the series 'Maradona: Blessed Dream'

The production focuses on the moments that defined El Diego's life in all areas of his life and that made him a true god. Photo: YT-Prime Video

LatinAmerican Post | Luis Hernández Liborio

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Through Amazon Prime and Argentine television, the series Maradona: blessed dream, premiered on October 29. It is one of the powerhouses of Amazon Studios in Latin America against the competition of Netflix's original productions in the same region. The series consists of 10 chapters, five of which have already been released, the rest will be uploaded weekly to the streaming platform. The production focuses on the moments that defined El Diego's life.

Maradona: blessed dream

This Argentine production reconstructs the life of the late Diego Armando Maradona through an intense visual narrative that focuses on three main aspects: On the one hand, his meteoric rise that took him from the humble streets of Villa Fiorito to the World Cup title. Secondly, his personal life, where we can observe his family and love relationships that directly or indirectly influenced his decisions, and finally the social and political context of Argentina. Thus, a small, young, adult, and retired Maradona shows us the essential details of his life and how they drive the dream, the one that all Argentine children still want and that has made Maradona an idolized character of their country.

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The first five chapters

On October 29, the first five chapters (out of 10) were available through Amazon Prime. In this first batch, the series takes us to the neighborhood of Fiorito in Buenos Aires where little Maradona begins his legend in the basic forces of Argentinos Juniors. With a brilliant step "El Pelusa" quickly made his way into the competitive world of soccer to establish himself as a professional. His rise led him to establish himself as a young star who earned a place in Argentine soccer and in the team with which he unsuccessfully played the 1978 World Cup, while the country was immersed in a brutal dictatorship that is bitterly remembered by Argentines . We also find in these episodes part of his European adventure, his time at Barcelona and his love problems, which were numerous.

Thus, the series tries to show in an integral way the character who is regularly seen from one of its edges, whether from the sports, the social, the political, etc. Although it is also important to mention that the series does not risk showing anything new or controversial about the mythical character, it is a biographical series that adheres to a standard. In other words, it does not contribute anything beyond the visual reconstruction and the common format in this type of productions. Although we can highlight the size of the production that was filmed in several countries, as well as the large number of first-rate actors that are part of it, as well as the historical touch that gives context to the story.


What awaits us in the second batch of chapters?

The second part of the episodes will be released gradually, on November 5, episodes 6 and 7 will be released, on November 12, episode 8, on 19, episode 9, and on 26, number 10. The most critical stages of his life in sports will be explored, which include his great achievements in Italy and with the Argentine national team, but at the same time the cost of fame and power, one of the reasons why Maradona is negatively remembered. Despite this, his image as a legend remains almost intact. The series could be riskier at this stage of his life, it is crucial to understand the magnitude of El Diego as a hero and figure of his country, a born winner, but also a complicated man, with legal problems and with controversial political opinions.