Latin America In Short: Colombia Hosts Women's Copa América and China Confined Again

China once again confined by Coronavirus outbreaks is perhaps the most relevant news of the week. This and more in our weekly roundup .

Colombia Women's team and person looking out the window

These were the most relevant news of this week. Photos: TW-AmericaDeCali, Pexels

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In politics, Peru postpones the inauguration of the new cabinet. In global affairs, China once again confined by outbreaks of Coronavirus. Colombia, on the other hand, reports improvements in contagion figures at the time it is announced that it will be the host country of the women's Copa América. In sports, Falcao is relentless at Rayo Vallecano. And finally, the week closes with a major Facebook announcement. Everything explained and summarized here.

Peru postpones inauguration of Castillo's new cabinet due to congressman's death

The Peruvian congress had to postpone the vote of confidence to the new appointments of President Castillo for the next November 4 due to the death of Congressman Fernando Herrera Mamani, of the ruling Peru Libre party. Herrera died after suffering a cardiorespiratory arrest in the middle of the session.

Faced with such a fragmented parliament and the refusal of Fujimori to vote in favor of the new officials, Castillo counts vote by vote to obtain the approval of the new faces of the Cabinet of Prime Minister Mirtha Vásquez, who also takes office.

China returns to lockdown

Less than 100 days before the start of the winter games in Beijing, China orders the closure of the third city due to a new outbreak of Coronavirus. Heilongjiang province, on the border with Russia, forced its inhabitants to stay in their homes unless necessary. This, after a case of Covid in its inhabitants.

China fears uncontrollable outbreaks, just before the start of the Winter Olympics. In this way, China already has more than 6 million inhabitants confined, after this week it also ordered the closure of the city of Lanzhou (4 million inhabitants) to the northwest and the city of Ejin Banner on the border with Mongolia .

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INS announces the end of the pandemic in Colombia by 2022

Recently, the National Institute of Health (INS) announced that there is a high probability that the pandemic in Colombia will last until June 2022. However, it clarified that this depends largely on how vaccination progresses and how well the protocols are followed. biosecurity to avoid another spike.

This probability is made from studies of the information obtained and mathematical models that are intended to predict the peaks of COVID-19. It should be noted that this week the country has registered the lowest figures for the disease and that there is a hopeful outlook for the pandemic to close in the country. The institute insists that although this is good news, we must not lower our guard and citizens must continue to comply with biosafety regulations.

Falcao, unstoppable with Rayo

Radamel Falcao García scored his fourth goal in 6 La Liga appearances with Rayo Vallecano. In the 30th minute, the Colombian finished with a left foot from the center of the area to the lower left corner. Thus, he gave the victory 1-0 to his team. For the Barcelona directors, it was the straw that broke the camel's back, because thanks to the result of this match, the final decision was made to fire Ronald Koeman. And it was justified, because “el Tigre” broke a 19-year streak of drought in which Rayo did not beat Barca.

The women's Copa América will be held in Colombia

The president of Conmebol, Alejandro Domínguez, confirmed Colombia as the venue for the Copa América Femenina 2022. The tournament, which gives places to the World Cup in New Zealand 2023, will take place between July 8 and 30. Colombia was ruled out as the venue for the men's edition of this competition due to its high cases of Coronavirus this year, so getting the women's edition is an excellent victory. Coffee makers came in fourth place in the previous edition of this tournament, held in 2018 in Chile.

Facebook makes its name change to Meta official

This Thursday the director of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, announced through the Facebook Connect broadcast that Facebook will change its name to "Meta". This new name will only refer to the corporation, as the social network will continue to be called the same. In fact, this is one of the reasons the director gave for the name change: they want to separate the company from the product. Zuckerberg stated that the corporate name should not be tied to a single product but to a "metaverse."

Some speculate that the name change is also due to the low popularity that Facebook and its director have had in recent months. This, due to the recent fall of Facebook services and the complaints of Frances Haugen, a former employee, in which she affirms that the company knew how the algorithm affected the mental health of social network users and refused to change it.