J Balvin, Billie Eilish And More: Musicians Who Have Their Own Brand Of Shoes

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These are some musicians who have their own brand of shoes.

Billie Eilish and the design of her shoes

For the connection between music and shoes to be successful, the marketing strategy is usually a fundamental step, where the artist and the brand work together so that the collaboration can cross borders. Photo: IG-billieeilish

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When talking about music and collaborations, the first thing that comes to mind is two (or more) singers joining their voices to record a song that will most likely have a great impact on their fans. However, this concept of collaboration can go much further, and it is that for several years we have seen musicians who dare to have their own brand of shoes. The result? A relationship that attracts more followers and money.

For the connection between music and shoes to be successful, the marketing strategy is usually a fundamental step, where the artist and the brand work together so that the collaboration can cross borders. In fact, the seriousness with which both parties take on these projects has reached such magnitude that even these new creations end up parading on the big catwalks, as happened at the time with Adidas and Kanye West.

Regardless of the objective that each one has, whether it is for the brand to attract more young buyers or because the artist wanted to exploit his designer skills, the creation of new lines of shoes continues to generate large profits in that market. Cases like Rihanna with Puma, J-Lo with the Giuseppe Zanotti firm, or Katy Perry with the Global Brand Group company, are some examples that the best collaborations do not only occur in the musical field.

Bad Bunny and back to school

The Bad Bunny phenomenon turns everything it touches into gold. The Puerto Rican singer has become a world icon and we not only see him standing out in music, but also in other facets ranging from actor and athlete to businessman and creator of his own sports shoes. Sample of the latter we saw recently with the new Adidas Forum 'Back to School'.

As he did a while ago with his designs 'First Cafe' and 'Pink Easter Egg' with the German brand, for this occasion Bad Bunny was inspired by his school days in Puerto Rico and released black shoes with his logo characteristic in the shape of a rabbit and, in addition, with a small brooch that refers to a school backpack for the return to school. Without a doubt, an expression of power for the new generation.

Billie Eilish's vegan style

With an exceptional voice for music and innate talent that has reached platforms such as Disney + and Apple TV +, Billie Eilish can be considered as the diva of the new generations. And if there was something that she lacked to exploit, it was her creativity to design her own line of sports shoes, which have 20% recycled material and 100% vegan.

In collaboration with Nike, the American singer released two interesting models; the Air Jordan 1KO, which glow in the dark due to its characteristic green color and which also has thick double seams on the sides that give it a textured look; and the Air Jordan 15, her always favorite model and which she took in sand color so that it could be used with any type of clothing. Both models present logos and details of the artist.

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"Zapatenis", the invention of J Balvin

If there is an exponent of Latin music who has always stood out for his fascination with the world of fashion, it is the Colombian singer. In addition to the outfits and jewelry that he often wears at events like the Met Gala, he is also creative when it comes to designing his own shoes. At the time, he released the Air Jordan 1 with an eclectic combination of colors, textures, and prints very much like his urban style, but his most recent creation went beyond the conventional.

To this day we still do not know what he wanted to do, because his peculiar shoes are a mix between the formal and the sporty, resulting in unique Nike in its history. In fact, when we detail them more closely, the school attire that many of us used to wear to school or wear to a graduation party comes to mind. Also, the more than obvious nod to Michael Jackson makes them look cool and retro.


An inspiring design by Rosalía

Turning something simple into a fashion trend can only be done by a well-known brand and a talented artist. This has happened recently with Nike and the Spanish singer, who was inspired by a typical Catalan footwear that saw her use her grandfather to work up to eight hours a day and that ended up marking her childhood. In other words, we are looking at the first sports espadrilles.

The shoe in question is the AF1 Espadrille, based on the classic espardenya that they used to wear in Catalonia and that Rosalía wanted to give it a touch of modernity. It is a vintage model of esparto and leather that are joined through a thread stitch, whose most characteristic detail is the laces that go from being the typical ones to the ribbons that said espadrilles wore. The final result? A new fashion implanted.