Overcoming Fears Can Be Easier Than You Think

Have you ever experienced the fear of not being good enough at some point in your life? Thankfully, there's a guide to mastering everything that scares you.

The Woman Post | Carolina Rodríguez Monclou

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If you acknowledge the reasons behind your fear of not being good enough, it can be easy to spot the patterns and try a solution. It's not so simple to change the mindset from negative to positive. Sometimes, you just have to deal with it. But to overcome the fear, one of the good ways to start is to be kind to yourself and develop self-awareness.

There are cases where your inner voice tells you, "this is too dangerous," "it's going to be difficult," or "you're going to fail." You might think this is your voice, but it's just a thought. Many times, negative thoughts are implanted by someone else, so we must use our criteria and choose wisely with what kind of mindset we want to overcome any difficulty.

The first step to mastering your fear is to start believing in yourself. Everyone is unique and has a message to share with the world. Instead of being too perfectionist, be yourself.

Stop fearing the judgment of others and judging yourself. If you are going to compare with someone, try instead comparing yourself to your previous version.

Fear is a natural feeling, and for decades it has helped us identify when danger is near. Naturally, humans tend to avoid feelings of discomfort. However, it's stepping out of the comfort zone that allows us to grow and refresh our perspective.


By developing self-awareness, you'll realize that the strange feeling that fear produces is not that bad, and your body can deal with it. Practice acting mindfully even when you are afraid.

The most important thing is to take action and accept that fear is a natural reaction when we get anxious about the future.

Maybe you were mistreated before, and you had a "friend" that said that you shouldn't try one thing or the other. But now that you learned to be kinder to yourself, you'll be able to recognize that those insecurities don't belong to you.

If a person that you deeply love comes to you asking for help, there's a high chance that you will approach them with love and compassion. Try to do the same for yourself.

Remember: You're not the self-sabotaging voice in your head, and you're not your negative thoughts. Program your brain to be more positive and resilient.

Overcoming fear is like coming up against a wall. On the other side of the obstacle, there is freedom and growth. Once you get used to this, you'll be able to enjoy the process of overcome each challenge. It takes practice to master your fears, but by being brave and confronting them, you'll be able to be bigger than them.

Avoiding the problem doesn't work. Instead, taking action in the presence of fear can be an incredible act of self-love. Push through the wall of fear and embrace the freedom waiting for you on the other side.