What To See While You Wait For The End of "La Casa de Papel"?

As the wait will be long for many fans, here we recommend other series as addictive as "La Casa de Papel" .

Still from the series 'Who Killed Sara' and 'Sky Rojo'

We bring you a list of recommendations for you to keep your emotions on the surface. Photos: YT-Netflix

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A true fan of "La Casa de Papel" is the one who watches the five episodes of the fifth season in a single day, and who is also desperate for the arrival of the last season on December 3. The formula that the Spanish series has opted for contains the ideal ingredients that make it one of the most addictive in recent years, which is why it is one of Netflix's favorites.

If you are one of those who have already seen the first volume of the fifth season and do not know what to see in the meantime, we bring you a list of recommendations to keep your emotions on the surface. Action, drama, suspense, great actors, and interesting plots will overflow in these series similar to "La Casa de Papel".

"White Lines"

Unlike the banking institutions of the city, this series transports you to the beaches of Ibiza, a Balearic island in Spain where the corpse of a famous DJ appears twenty years after his disappearance. Given this, his sister decides to go there to investigate what happened during all this time, discovering that there is actually a dark mystery behind his death.

How is it similar and why do we recommend it? At the head of this production is Álex Pina, creator of "La Casa de Papel". The thriller will be full of lies and various elements that will hook you from the first minute, also demonstrating that the true sense of character will be the vital piece of this story. Its first season premiered in 2020 and you can enjoy it on Netflix.

"¿Quién mató a Sara? (Who killed Sara?)"

As its title indicates, that will be the question you will ask yourself during the two seasons of this Netflix original series. Injured for the murder of his sister, Alex is released from prison 18 years later seeking answers about what happened on the day she died, not to mention that he will also want revenge on the people responsible who blamed him. The mystery around Sara will force him to accept the fact that perhaps he never really knew her.

How is it similar and why do we recommend it? This Mexican thriller has become one of the streaming platform's most-watched productions. Its constant time jumps and internal tensions, as happens in "La Casa de Papel", will be some of the details that will cause you more uncertainty from the first chapter. It will be very difficult for you to get bored after you go on a quest to find out who killed Sara.

"El robo del siglo (The Great Heist)"

Based on real events, the largest bank robbery in the history of Colombia happened in 1994 at the Banco de la República de Valledupar. A gang of thieves, equipped with the necessary tools and meticulous planning of eight months, ended up taking around 24 million pesos, in the end creating real financial chaos that greatly affected the government. How was this robbery carried out? Netflix tells you.

How is it similar and why do we recommend it? Without a doubt, this is the series that most resembles "La Casa de Papel", since the objective of its protagonists is the same: rob a bank. During its six episodes you will witness intra-family relationships, the life crises of its protagonists, and the situation of women in Colombian society at that time, all this without leaving behind the suspense and the scenes of escape and persecution.

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"Vis a Vis"

It is a mandatory recommendation and more than obvious if you really love "La Casa de Papel". The series reflects the daily life of some prisoners and the officials of a penitentiary, to which a naive young woman arrives who was manipulated by her boss to commit various crimes in the company where she worked. Once in jail, she must find ways to survive her seven-year sentence in a fight that will mark her coexistence with the other inmates.

How is it similar and why do we recommend it? Here you will once again enjoy performances by Alba Flores (Nairobi) and Najwa Nimri (Alicia Sierra). Besides, this was Álex Pina's project prior to "La Casa de Papel". Available on Netflix, this Spanish drama also shows a series of characters locked in a place from which they cannot leave, although with time they will put together their escape plan. The betrayals in the group and the unexpected deaths will not be alien to this plot.

"Sky Rojo"

Trafficking and sexual exploitation experienced by millions of women in the world who are forced into prostitution is a real and strong issue. In this series, you will follow the story of three sex workers who flee the brothel where they work after seriously injuring their pimp. Without the possibility of going to the police and with the hitmen on their heels, the girls will only have two options: keep escaping or stand up.

How is it similar and why do we recommend it? First of all, it also has the stamp of Álex Pina. Although the theme is not similar to robbing a bank, here you will experience a fast pace that will not give you a break. A Tokyo-style voice-over, emotional scenes, a colorful aesthetic, as well as an obvious ideological positioning, will be just a few points that will catch you like "La Casa de Papel". You can enjoy its two seasons on Netflix.