Near Future Skills You Must Have

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The growth mindset is an essential element if you want to be current today and excel in the near future. Knowing that you can be a better version of yourself is the first step to develop key competencies.

The Woman Post | Blanca Mery Sanchez (@soyblancamery)

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According to the World Economic Forum, everyday people will need more to develop ten fundamental skills to achieve adequate job performance, what they have not told us is what are the ways through which we can achieve it. 

The most required skills are: Solving complex problems, critical thinking, creativity, handling relations, coordination with others, emotional intelligence, judgment and decision making, service orientation, negotiation, and cognitive flexibility.

I want us to think of something, what if you had an old 1989 laptop and you wanted a current program to run on it? Surely you would have to update the system because that is what it is about when we are reviewing current skills, it is necessary to have a new mindset that facilitates the development of skills that we had not considered before.

If you review each of the most important competencies, there is a cross-cutting theme and this is adaptability, that is, the ease of including new elements to a scenario, whether you are thinking of relating effectively with people of different generations or looking for the best strategy to Innovate in a product in both cases adaptability will make the difference.


In order to develop it and be prepared to face new challenges, I recommend the following steps:

-Expand your vision: Consider the different nuances, alternatives, and opportunities that a situation has, with this you will be able to find blind spots and new ways of doing things.

-Take risks: Go from less to more with small actions that help you feel less uncomfortable with changes.

-Learn new and demanding things: Define a subject in which you want to advance and that can be the basis for the development of an area in which you can have a better level.

-Apply what you have learned in your work: It does not matter if you learned to cook a new dish, drive a jet ski, or paint in oils. Put a little more pressure on your brain and discover what you have learned helps you in your career? Although it sounds a bit "crazy" you'll see how it allows you to connect the dots.

-Raise your level of curiosity: How about finding out why penguins make big circles in winter and move from outside to inside or what is the reason why chameleons blend in? Being "hungry" for knowledge will make you more agile when changing perspective.

-Become a seer: Start to inform yourself about the trends that futurologists are seeing approaching and define how you can face each of them, what could you do so that the new wave does not knock you down?

We can all be prepared to face challenges, develop our skills, and excel. I am sure that the near future has a great feminine touch and we will be big stars if we work to highlight the potential we have.