Best Dramas on Netflix You'll Want To Watch Now

Here are some of the best movies in Netflix's drama library. Most of them have gained significant recognition for their actors and stories, taking home some of the most prestigious cinematographic awards.

The Woman Post | Carolina Rodríguez Monclou

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Are you craving to watch a good drama story that hypnotizes you? The Woman Post brings you four breathtaking films to make your vacations more memorable.


The 2015 Best Picture winner at the Oscars, "Spotlight," is a movie about an investigative reporting team at The Boston Globe who exposed systematic child sex abuse by Catholic priests in the Boston area. Director Tom McCarthy and his team wanted to capture this kind of storytelling as honestly as possible to show what investigative print journalism looks like when it's done right. The movie stars Golden Globe winner Mark Ruffalo and The Notebook's actress Rachel McAdams. A masterpiece based on a real story that will captivate you from beginning to end.


The movie portrays the story of a sensitive young black man who feels pressured by his hyper-male Miami environment to deny his sexuality and authentic self. Told in three chapters following three phases of the protagonist's life, the film stands out for its form and content. This masterpiece drew a goober and praise from critics and audiences. The main characters are Chiron, an African American boy, and Juan, a drug dealer.


I Lost My Body

Also called "J'ai perdu mon corps," it is about a young man in love with Gabrielle. However, a severed hand escapes from a dissection lab in another part of town, determined to find its body again. This is a French animated film directed by Jérémy Clapin. This movie takes place in an atmospheric, surreal world with beautiful animation and two incredible stories that somehow manage to come together at the end. "I Lost My Body" is definitely a must-watch.

In The Dark

"In The Dark" is a CW original show about a young blind woman who tries to solve her friend's murder. The protagonist, Murphy, is a grounded person. Nevertheless, the viewer can see her many times being a mess. Despite having an antihero quality, she really cares about her friend. With this purpose in mind, she can find strength within herself to overcome any obstacles and solve this big mystery. She is a full human being and isn't portrayed as a victim just for being blind. The film is an exciting and spicy detective drama with a lot of snark.

Now you have the perfect plan to get comfortable and enjoy these masterpieces. These terrific titles are ready to dethrone your favorite films. From unique crime narratives to acclaimed animated projects, you won't get enough of these dramas. And the best part? They are streaming now on Netflix. Don't lose the chance to get captivated by these fantastic cinematographic works.

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