5 Basketball Movies to Watch after Space Jam 2

Once again, basketball reawakens the interest and nostalgia of film audiences worldwide with the premiere of Space Jam A New Legacy.

Still from the film 'Coach Carter'

The sport of jumping and hopping had already been under the lights and spotlights of Hollywood. These are other great movies for a true hobbyist. Photo: YT-Movieclips Classic

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Once again, basket reawakens the interest and nostalgia of film audiences worldwide with the premiere of Space Jam A New Legacy . Here, we will see the great NBA star, Lebron James and the animated accompaniment of the Looney Toones; Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Lola Bunny and other characters. However, before them, the sport of jumping and hopping had already been under the spotlights of Hollywood. These are other great movies for a true fan.

Coach Carter

One of the most inspiring films for teachers, coaches and athletes, is precisely this film. Due to the values presented, it shows that through passion, perseverance and discipline, great goals in life can be achieved. Inspired by the life of Ken Carter (currently a psychology professor and coach at the University of Oxford) who was coach of a Richmond High School (California) of a basketball team. The team members had a reputation for being confrontational, lousy and disorderly students. Over time, and based on teamwork and under the awareness of being better day by day, the teacher manages to regain confidence in themselves, in order to achieve their goals both as athletes and as individuals. Starring Samuel L. Jackson (As Ken Carter), this film was released in 2005 .

Glory Road

Set in 1966, in the state of Texas (United States), it is also based on real events, where racial segregation did not welcome the practice of basketball by African Americans . Don Haskins (Portrayed by Josh Lucas) takes over the reins of a team made up mostly of black players, a situation that would be quite a social impact, taking into account the context that existed at that time within American history.


In the end, the Texas Western Miners would end up being NCAA champions , thus turning the history of a sport that was, until then, dominated by teams and people of Anglo-Saxon descent. Released in 2006 (produced by Disney), it is one of the films with the best ratings in sports thanks to its iconic scenes and the sensitivity of its characters.

White Men Can't Jump

The decade of the 90's began and the sky of the NBA was adorned by stars of the North American “Dream Team” commanded by Michael Jordan (“Mister Air”), Scottie Pippen, Earvin 'Magic' Johnson, Carl Malone , among other great  icons, inspiring the story of this film. This comedy, starring Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson, shows how friendship in sport breaks down racial barriers and, despite jokes and adverse situations, two friends make their way through street basketball in two-on-two bets. The film was released on March 27, 1992 and was written and directed by Ron Shelton (Oscar nominee for best screenplay with the film: Beauty and the Champion in 1989).

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Space Jam

It is one of the most remembered films of the 90's due to the uniqueness of putting the Lonney Toones on the big screen playing basketball and, even more so, for having Michael Jordan and other great NBA players in its cast. . The story tells how "Mister Air", within his vertiginous passage from the basketball courts to baseball, is kidnapped by the Warner characters, who are threatened by an alien race that challenges them to play a game. The problem is that just because they are animated characters they cannot, nor do they know how to do it. Only with the help of the famous athlete, will they be able to defeat their invaders and restore confidence to Jordan, who at that time seemed increasingly removed from the courts.

This movie was released in November 1996 and produced $ 250.2 million in revenue . Likewise, he managed to collect a good fortune in merchandising in terms of figures and uniforms of the Toon Squad (name of the team of the Looney Toones and Michael Jordán), directed by Joe Pytka.

Slam Dunk

The anime and the manga have also set basketball from their perspective, but if there is a series that has captured all the interest, both from the public of the East and the West, it is this animated series of 101 episodes and 4 OVAS (Original Video Animation) . These narrate the life of Hanamichi Sakuragi, a school troublemaker, who, attracted by the love of a student, ends up playing for the Shohoku High School team in Japan. He will go through various situations of action, comedy, adventure, and, above all, exciting matches with various twists that make it one of the cult series for fans of the "Shūkan Shōnen Jump" (weekly manga magazines) .

Written by Takehiko Inoue and published for the first time in 1996. Rumor has it that for this year 2021 a movie could come out where they continue to narrate the events that were pending to animate after chapter 101 of the series.

Five movies that will make you jump off your sofas, tie your sneakers and hit the streets to shoot the ball. Do not stop enjoying sport, since it is health.