Young Royals: Love Versus Duty on Netflix

Young Royals Is One Of Netflix's Most Recent Productions And Stands Out For Tackling Youth Issues With Success.

Still from the series 'Young Royals'

The production of adolescent-themed series has been at its peak for many years, being productions highly consumed by the public and also preferred .. Photo: YT-Netflix

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Young Royals is one of Netflix's newest productions and stands out for tackling royal and youth issues with total success. Its themes include first love, the exploration of sexuality, belonging to a group full of privilege without wanting it, and addiction. 

The production of adolescent-themed series has been at its peak for many years as these productions are loved by the public. Netflix is aware of that and for the same reason, they have released successful series such as Elite, Sex Education, Stranger Things, Riverdale, etc. Well, to the previous list we must add Young Royals, a Swedish production that distances itself from many clichés, building a coherent, attractive story with a very well-accomplished cast.

Young Royals tells the story of Wilhelm (Edving Ryding), a Swedish teenager who belongs to royalty and who is sent to study at the wealthy Hillerska boarding school. However, this will be truncated by an unexpected event that will make him a crown prince and future king.

Thus, the six chapters deal with a young man who does not seem to like the idea of being part of the royal family, and who despite the fact that at first glance he seems to have everything is not satisfied with the life that he has been given.

Between Love and Duty

But the series is not based solely on the privileges of royalty, it is also about love. Throughout the story, Wilhelm falls madly in love with Simon (Omar Rudberg), a young Venezuelan who lives in the most rural part of Sweden and who sings in the establishment's choir. From the first moment they meet, a very special connection will be born. 

This relationship will have several obstacles, not only because it is a homosexual relationship, but because belonging to the Nordic monarchy forces Wilhelm to behave in a certain way.

Despite the above, both will live unforgettable moments of great intensity, which is clearly a nod to the fact that they are in the process of adolescence and seek to experiment and discover what they like. For Mateo, it is much easier, since he is openly homosexual, but on the other hand, Wilhelm does not know what he wants in his life and carries the burden of power. 

A Brilliant Cast

 Not only the main characters stand out, but also the entire cast, demonstrating solidity, diversity, naturalness, and honesty. 

For example, August (Malte Gardinger) is Wilhelm's cousin, and although he seems to have all the privileges, his family is practically bankrupt after the death of his father. He feels little support from his mother and has insecurities typical of a teenage boy, which he tries to dispel by showing himself strong, confident, and superior to the rest. He is one of the antagonists of the series.

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Also noteworthy is Mateo's sister, Ayub (Inti Zamora), who has Asperger's syndrome and attention deficit disorder, and who is not entirely satisfied with her daily life, since she wishes she could have more friends, more money. and leave his father behind. In Sara (Frida Argento), Ayub will find a friend and partner with whom she can feel more comfortable and be herself.

An ending that leaves the door open for a second season

Like all series, there is always the uncertainty of knowing whether or not it will be renewed for the next season, which may depend on its success, scope, and viability, and in the case of Young Royals this is not the exception. The creative team has yet to comment on this possibility. For now, it is a total success for Netflix to make Young Royals , and that can hardly be discussed.