Monsters at Work: Pixar's First Big Series for Disney Plus

This sequel, which functions as a sequel to the incredible movie Monsters Inc, achieves its purpose by maintaining the essence of the film .

Still from the series 'Monsters at work'

This time, the format chosen by Pixar is not that of a movie, but that of a small series, which demonstrates the potential that this type of content has. Photo: YT-Disney Spain

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It is clear that Disney Plus wants to fight to be one of the main streaming platforms of the moment. Since its launch, they have positioned themselves as an offer that would seek to have a wide catalog (with franchises such as Marvel, Star Wars or Pixar films ), but also expanding original works.

Well, sooner or later it would be time to show off one of its main "battlehorses": Pixar. The animation studio, historic Oscar winner in the category corresponding to its genre, had great productions that fans loved for decades.

Among them, Monsters Inc, from 2001, always stood out, considered one of the best in the entire history of this study . Well, currently a "sequel" can be found in serial format, which children and adults will love alike. Let's see why this new content is so brilliant.

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Monsters at work

The first thing to say is that Pixar had it quite complicated. Between 2010 and 2019, there were 7 continuations of some of its most emblematic sagas, such as Toy Story, Cars or The Incredibles . However, this trend has been reversed in recent years, with major productions, such as Soul or Luca .

Therefore, the bet of "going back to continuations" could seem a bit risky, especially when we consider that they have not always done it in a good way. The difference is that, this time, the chosen format is not that of a film, but that of a small series, which demonstrates the potential of this type of content.

We must bear in mind that Monsters to the work is as a direct continuation of the original film. Let's remember that, in 2013, the universe of these adorable monsters had expanded, although with a prequel . There we knew the childhood of Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan and, although it worked at the box office, it did not show anything new.

Actually, everyone wanted to know what happened after Monsters Inc. The ending, perhaps one of Pixar's most iconic, showed us a surprised Sullivan, visiting little Boo's room. Although many would expect to find the girl in this production, the truth is that she does not appear.

Bobs Gannaway, creator of the series, mentioned that this is because the relationship between the two was so "perfect and wonderful" that they wanted to let each have their own interpretation of the events. In other words, that the evolution of friendship is on everyone's mind. Therefore, it does not appear in any episode of the series.

However, the truth is that you do not need it either. The series begins directly after the events of the film, after the company changes its business model. That is, you can see the transition from scares to laughter. There we will meet Tylor, the best scarer of his class ... who even beat Sulley's record .

Monstruos a la obra. Ni me había enterado que ya había dos episodios y me ha gustado. Los nuevos personajes bien simpáticos y chistosos, ha sido curioso ver lo sucedido después de lo que pasó en la película de Monstruos S.A y exploren más acerca de la empresa. pic.twitter.com/QO8Yc95lz5

— MARVELOUS EPIC MAN (@TheRealIkerman) July 7, 2021

Once we are in context, we realize the tone of the film: the comedy. Tylor is a complex character, who proves to have quite a few problems in this adaptation to the new industry format. Therefore, throughout these first 10 episodes we should see how he solves his problems within Monstropolis.

Another of the great successes is that we already know how the "internal world" of the film works. That is, each character fulfills a specific role, since we already know what personality each one has. This means that there are not too many introductions and that we can quickly get hooked on the narrative.

As for the technical section, we see that the original spirit of the film is maintained, with simple and well-kept animations. Undoubtedly, it can become one of the great surprises of 2021, as Pixar proves to take care of one of its most emblematic franchises, this time, in a serial format. Now available on Disney Plus!