"House of the Dragon": Everything We Know so Far

Artists continue to be added to the Game of Thrones prequel and is getting closer to being released .

Photo from the series 'House of Dragon'

This first spin-off is based on the play "Fire & Blood", a prequel where we can learn about the ancestral origins of Daenerys Targaryen. Photo: TW-HouseofDragon

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The story of House Targaryen is close to being told. The (almost) resounding success of "Game of Thrones" , in addition to the vast world that emerges from George RR Martin's books, made HBO get down to work to make a new production that will arrive in 2022: "House of the Dragon ". This first spin-off is based on the work "Fire & Blood", a prequel that takes us several years before the events that we saw throughout the eight seasons and where, in addition, we can learn about the ancestral origins of Daenerys Targaryen.

According to the latest reports from the television network, the series is already in the last phase of filming with the main actors, who will give life to a new set of powers that will be full of blood, fire, betrayals and many dragons. Although we will be in the presence of new characters, it should be noted that the book highlights four in particular and that they will be vital to the plot: King Viserys I, Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen, Queen Alicent Hightower and Aegon II Targaryen .

And what will this new plot be about? To speak of "Fire & Blood" is to encompass almost 150 years of history where the falls and rises of various leaders in Westeros stand out . Precisely, in that period of time, the famous Dance of the Dragons took place, that civil war of the Targaryens that left much of the Seven Kingdoms in chaos and that at the time was mentioned in several episodes of Game of Thrones. Although there is no official synopsis yet, it is very likely that this moment will be covered in the series.

But what HBO has announced is that "House of the Dragon" will tell us the beginning of the end of House Targaryen . To be more specific, the plot will focus on King Viserys, an individual who must take on the difficult challenge of occupying the throne of Westeros that was in charge of his grandfather Jaehaerys Targaryen. At first glance we could assure that he is a decent and kind character, two qualities that will not precisely help him to be a great king.

Characters to highlight in "House of the Dragon"

As was customary in "Game of Thrones", for this new production it is estimated that many characters will appear as the story dictates. To date, the most essential ones have been confirmed and that we will present to you below so that you have a better idea of them in this new adventure. It should be noted that the descriptions of each were published by HBO itself .

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Viserys Targaryen

He was elected by the lords of Westeros to replace King Jaehaerys. He is a decent and kind man whose goal is to carry forward the legacy that his grandfather built . His arrival to the throne occurs at the age of 26, after the death of his father, in addition to his reign taking place during the highest point of the House of Targaryen and when there are more dragons and horsemen in all of history. The character will be in charge of Paddy Considine.

Alicent hightower

Actress Olivia Cooke will be in charge of giving life to Otto Hightower's daughter, the Hand of the King . Beyond being the most beautiful woman in the Seven Kingdoms, as well as being raised in the Red Keep near the King, she possesses both courtly grace and keen political acumen. Also, it is the second wife of Viserys who gave him three children.

Rhaenyra Targaryen

The eldest daughter of King Viserys, who is also named heir and Princess of Dragonstone. Rhaenyra has true Valyrian blood and is one of the best dragon riders. Although there are those who object to her coming to the throne, she is always present at council meetings in preparation for her own reign. Emma D'Arcy will be in charge of the character, while Milly Alcock will do the same with her younger version .

Daemon targaryen

He is Viserys' younger brother and heir to the throne. This magnificent dragon warrior and rider not only possesses true dragon blood, but also has a bad temper, is rebellious and desires power, something that will cause him problems with his brother. To top it off , he is Rhaenyra's uncle and lover, not to mention that he was married to Lady Rhea of Runestone . Actor Matt Smith will take on this character.

Otto Hightower

Like most individuals who have assumed this role, the Hand of the King serves both the kingdom and the king himself with loyalty and fidelity. Otto will be able to detect the most powerful threat Viserys may have: his brother Daemon. He also served as Hand for Viserys' grandfather, helping him to rule in his last years of life. It will be Rhys Ifans who places himself in the shoes of this character .

Corlys velaryon

He is the lord of House Velaryon, one of the oldest Valyrian bloodlines in Westeros. Known as "The Sea Serpent", he is the most famous nautical adventurer in the Seven Kingdoms, who also managed to build his house on a powerful seat that is even richer than the Lannisters. He was Master of Ships to King Jaehaerys and is married to Rhaenys Targaryen, daughter of Prince Aemon . Corlys will be played by actor Steve Toussaint .

The list -so far- ends with Rhaenys Velaryon (Eve Best), Mysaria (Sonoya Mizuno) and Ser Criston Cole (Fabien Frankel) , whose characters will hover between greed, mystery and honor. Little by little more news will arrive about the series co-produced by Martin and Ryan Condal, which will also feature Miguel Sapochnik as the director of the first episode.