The Pandemic Has Been Affecting the Figures in Female Leadership

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During the events of the health crisis caused by COVID-19, there have been challenging circumstances for women, because they have been affected in the workplace.

The Woman Post | Carlex Araujo

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Especially those of color are more likely to be fired and face much more barriers to progress, even the emotional cost of cases of racial violence are stagnating their professions and destabilizing their financial security. However, the crisis has represented a great opportunity not only for women but for companies in bankruptcy.

Lean In's Women in the Workplace 2020 study, in conjunction with McKinsey, reveals that women's representation in U.S. companies was going in the right direction in 2020, with women in senior vice president positions rising from 23% to 28%, and senior management grows from 17% to 21%. The numbers were slowly improving. In addition, for every 100 men promoted to managers, only 85 women were promoted in the same way, a gap has been created for some women because only 58 women of color and 71 Latin American women were promoted.

On the other hand, Colombia ranks third with the highest percentage of women entrepreneurs with 17.8%. The first place is held by Angola with 40.7% and followed by Chile with 21.2%, according to the study by Global Entrepreneurship Monitor - Women's Entrepreneurship Report (GEM), by Amanda Elam. In addition, it reveals that in Latin America, women entrepreneurs are represented in the following sectors, such as 63% in wholesale and retail trade, 13% in manufacturing and transport, 10% in government education, social services, and health, 8% in finance, 4% in agriculture and mining and finally 2% in information and communication technology.

Female Leadership Versus the Glass Roof Phenomenon

The expression "glass ceiling" is a metaphor that refers to the low level of representation of women in positions of responsibility in society, as a hidden limitation of the rise of female leadership. That is why there are gender barriers and there is a disproportionate limitation in female professions.


On the other hand, The Great Integrated Household Survey (GEIH) 2019 showed data on the labor gap, where unemployment among men was at 7.2%, and among women at 12.6%. The situation of the COVID-19 health crisis in 2020 worsened the figures, as registered unemployment for 2020 was 18.7% for women and 10.2% for men. However, unpaid work increased, as women devoted 25 hours to caring for the home, while men spent just 12 hours, according to the National Administrative Department of Statistics (DANE 2021).

Keys to Women’s Leadership

A publication by Harvard Business Review, called "7 Leadership Lessons Men Can Learn from Women," reveals that the mistake is in suggesting women act like men. That's why The Woman Post gives you seven lessons:

1. To be a boss is to put the team before you: If a leader wants to increase the performance of the team, egotism should not participate. Women opt for leadership in which the potential of their subordinates is unlocked.

2. Elevate workers to achieve a balance: Women are the ones who train in contrast to male leaders, transforming themselves into talents that lead people.

3. Motivate to innovate: Women are more likely to inspire and transform a team's attitudes. In addition, to fostering individual purposes and objectives in the team, elevating the spirit of the working group.

4. Occupy the role that corresponds to you: People who take on leadership roles are those who have skills for those positions. However, these roles are assigned by experience.

5. Recognizing their limitations is the key to success: Women who empower themselves by addressing job gaps are not insecure, but they tend to be less confident than men.

6. More empathy, fewer bosses: The working groups crave the boss's recognition, appreciation, and empathy.

7. Be humble, but not poor: The true richness of a boss is in humility, a quality that allows us to recognize our mistakes.