Not Everything is Glamour: The Toxicity of Being a YouTuber

Three recent cases from Mexico, including YosStop, provide insight into the level of toxicity and the cost of being a YouTuber.

YosStop and Nath Campos

In the early days of YouTube, few people imagined the potential it would have for ordinary people to position themselves as true celebrities. Photos: IG-YosStop, YT-Nath Campos

LatinAmerican Post | Luis Ángel Hernández Liborio

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In the early days of YouTube, few people imagined the potential it would have for ordinary people to position themselves as true celebrities. Today it is no longer necessary to belong to television or cinema to have visibility. A camera, a good internet connection, and creativity are enough to captivate a good number of followers that allow these influencers to obtain profits. Fame and the idea of "easy" earnings have made many young people aspire to become one of these new celebrities, without the need for professional training or quality content. However, like other environments, the world of the internet has a dark side and a cost for those who want to be part of it.


YosStoP, "the end justifies the means"

Although there are hundreds of YouTubers, such as Julioprofe, whose quality of content is indisputable, there are also some known because of the contrary. YosStoP is an example, this Mexican YouTuber with 5.2 million followers found it easy to share in her video "Pathetic generation" derogatory comments about a young rape victim. Yoseline Hoffman, the real name of the influencer, made things worse because, in addition to the painful criticism of the victim, she also claimed to have seen and stored the video of the crime, enough for the Mexican authorities to initiate the process for child pornography since the victim was a minor.

Now YosStopP faces the possibility of a sentence of between 7 and 12 years in prison, according to the Penal Code of Mexico City. The crime occurred in 2018, but it was until YosStopP made mention of it that the victim was publicly exposed, which led to a complaint filed last March and the recent arrest that has set a precedent in Mexico. For her part, the YouTuber has preferred to stay on the sidelines and leave the legal issue to her lawyers so as not to further damage her image.

Nath Campos, raising your voice seems not to be enough

This content creator has more than 2.4 million followers on her YouTube channel. Half a year ago she reported that she had been the victim of sexual abuse by his friend Rix, also YouTuber. In addition to the complaint to the authorities, she also uploaded a video that to date has been reproduced almost 14 million times in which she explains what happened. However, despite being the victim of the situation, she suffered attacks from followers of the accused, as well as the media that questioned his version of the story, the frequent practice of blaming the victim. The influencer was directly attacked by the accusation that weighs on her brother, also YouTuber, for sexual abuse.

Campos has indicated that in addition to having been a victim of abuse, she had to live with Rix for some time since they both worked for the same representation company, which did not take action on the matter. This highlights the role of some companies within the sector that ignore complaints of this type, which poses a danger to anyone who wishes to enter it. The influencer was arrested and to this day he is in prison following the progress of his process.

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Maire Wink, in the networks of a sect

It seemed that the scandal of the NXIVM sect was an isolated case, this case exhibited important figures of the Mexican political and business elite. YouTuber Maire Wink denounced "healing guru" Ricardo Ponce a few weeks ago as the leader of an alleged sect in which sexual abuse occurs. Wink assured that she was a victim of abuse by Ponce, which has caused the case to be brought before the authorities. The YouTuber has been joined by other women who have also denounced it. Meanwhile, Ponce assured that he would defend himself against the accusations by legal means, stating that he even has more followers in his courses: "Thousands of new people also arrived when hearing all this and feeling a bit of curiosity and curiosity, they approached and listened a little content or they connected with this information and were able to take their lives to another new dimension; I am very pleased, "he said, according to Proceso magazine. Meanwhile, the lecturer has not been detained, it is the most recent case of the three, so there is still time to know the route it will follow.

Not everything is glamor on YouTube

Millions of young people start their YouTube channels or social media accounts daily in hopes of becoming the next celebrity. On the surface, the life of a YouTuber is full of glamor: invitations to luxury sites, food, clothing, travel, monetization, etc. but the reality is not always like that. Cases of sexual abuse are multiplying, in addition to the fact that some influencers have been exhibited lying about their "perfect life": tiktoker Alexánder Volóshin was shown giving a cell phone to a girl, which he asked back when he finished recording; YouTuber Rawvana, a vegan who finally confessed to eating meat; Lisa Li, an influencer who, although she showed that she lived in luxury, actually lived in the trash; or the French Oceane El Himer, who was caught flying in a lower class than the one she boasted in networks. These are just some examples of how the environment "forces" them to lie about their lives in order to obtain followers. These facts, added to the superficiality and toxicity of the environment, have led to being an influencer seen as something negative.