Natalia Osorio, Recognized for Her Eco-Innovative Projects

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Natalia Osorio is deeply involved in the care of the environment and promotes the wellbeing of people through her green entrepreneurship. She believes that by eco-innovation, several jobs can be created while contributing to sustainable development.

The Woman Post | Catalina Mejía

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Colombian women continue to be known for their remarkable innovation projects that show their talent and intelligence. Natalia Osorio is a chemical engineer, graduated from Universidad de Los Andes, who specializes in cosmetic chemistry. Her entrepreneurship, named Naturesse which was born in 2010 consists of personal-care products made with organic ingredients, was recently recognized in success stories for eco-innovation of the UN environmental initiative.

As a mother as well as an entrepreneur, Natalia knows the importance of wellbeing, and this is why she looks for natural and honest ingredients that can provide benefits for our bodies. Nature has several products for personal care, cleaning products, and amenities. The production process takes place in Cali, Colombia where they develop products with natural ingredients, free of parabens, with no conservatives and no testing on animals. Their processes are sustainable and environmentally friendly.


Some years ago, her start-up was part of a program of international funds of the UN, to demonstrate that eco-innovative entrepreneurship could be successful in the market. Currently, her business sells four billion per year and some of its clients include Grupo Éxito, Miniso, Dollar City, and Genomalab Laboratories. Soon they will begin to sell their products in the U.S.A.

Osorio and her team noticed that the use of local raw materials could potentially reduce the carbon footprint by 5%. This was their motivation to create different formulas by using local materials that contribute to a more sustainable production process. It is worth highlighting that Natalia is the only Latin American who was selected to be part of the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP).

However, the mentioned recognition is not the only award that positions Osorio in the sustainability sector. She has also been invited as a speaker in several entrepreneurship programs, such as “Successful cases for eco-innovation” from the environmental program of the United Nations and currently, she is a mentor at the  Chamber of Commerce of Cali and an ambassador for extraordinary entrepreneurship.