"Sweet Tooth": the strange series produced by Robert Downey Jr

The story is based on a DC comic and streaming on Netflix.

Still from the series 'Sweet Tooth'

The terrific vision of Robert and his wife Susan Downey couldn't have been better suited to this production that is based on one of DC's most beloved comics. Photo: YT-Netflix

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This series has two quite peculiar things that are sure to catch several viewers. First of all, "Sweet Tooth" is not the typical story we see in DC comics; full of superheroes fighting against villains from other planets who want to destroy the Earth, nor the classic dark style characteristic of the brand, however, it is a plot that they will want to know. The second, and more curious, is that Robert Downey Jr. made the leap from Marvel to DC.

Some time ago Netflix announced that it had among its plans to make an alliance with DC Comics since Marvel ended up taking all its content to Disney +. Given this, the necessary steps were taken so that "Sweet Tooth" became the first production of many to come. From June 4, all episodes are available exclusively on Netflix.

The terrific vision of Robert and his wife Susan Downey couldn't have been better suited to this production. As explained by the platform itself, "'Sweet Tooth' is a post-apocalyptic fairy tale about a child-deer hybrid and a wandering loner who embarks on an extraordinary adventure. Based on one of DC's most beloved comics, the peculiar story will be suitable for family viewing".

A strange children's tale

The beauty of this series is in its oddities. In the first preview that Netflix gave us, we saw a bit in which world the plot would be developing. Overnight, a strange virus changed the peace of the suburbs for chaos, as all children began to be born as hybrids between humans and animals. From there, a series of events led to the birth of a very special boy: Gus (better known as Sweet Tooth).

The little protagonist is a deer-human hybrid, who will look for ways to leave his home in the forest to discover a new, strange, and devastating world that changed all of humanity forever because of a catastrophic event. On his journey, Gus will join a family of human hybrids and children like him, who will be of great help to him in finding the answers about this new reality and also discovering the mysterious origin of beings like him.

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As for the comic, Jeff Lemire created 40 columns for Vertigo between 2009 and 2013. There he explores that post-apocalyptic world where Gus and others like him must find a safe place to protect themselves from evil cults that place all kinds of obstacles to catch the hybrid children and do experiments with them. Although everything indicates that it is a dark, violent and terrifying series, the touch of sweetness is what prevails when we see the connection of the protagonist with the friends he meets along the way.

The cast is led by Christian Convery, as Gus, and Nonso Anozie, as Jepperd (Gus's unexpected friend who will accompany him on his journey). Other relevant characters for the plot are played by Adeel Akhtar, Will Forte, Stefania LaVie Owen and Dania Ramírez. Likewise, the voice of actor and producer James Brolin is in charge of narrating each of the protagonist's adventures.

Next on Robert Downey Jr's list

It is not the first time that we see the actor in a facet as a producer, nor will it be the last. After 2020 moved with "Dolittle" and the series "Perry Mason", Robert has among his future plans to participate in up to two projects for television, a documentary, and a biopic about the controversial American doctor John Brinkley, who at the time experimented with human goat testicular xenotransplantation as a means of curing erectile dysfunction.

Regarding his acting side, his cycle as Tony Stark / Iron Man would have a brief appearance in Black Widow that would be released in July of this year. In addition, he will again embody the mythical Sherlock Holmes in his third installment. Finally, we will see him again in a comic side in the film All-Star Weekend, which is directed and written by Jamie Foxx. The cast will also feature stars such as Gerard Butler, Benicio del Toro, Eva Longoria, Jessica Szohr, and Ken Jeong.