Scaled And Icy: An Excellent Pop-Influenced Twenty One Pilots Album

One of the most eclectic and successful groups in recent years has released an exceptional album that its fans and the general public have long awaited .

Members of the band Twenty One Pilots

Known for their intense live performances, this musical duo had the difficult task of surpassing or maintaining the level of the previous album. Photo: IG-twentyonepilots

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Twenty One Pilots is one of the biggest bands today. The group is a musical duo made up of vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Tyler Joseph and drummer Josh Dun. With an activity from 2009 to the present, they have ventured into different genres: alternative hip hop, electropop and even pop rock, with very successful and widespread songs, such as Stressed Out.

That is to say, all very striking rhythms, which are combined in a very natural way, thanks to a luxurious sound production. The truth is that in 2018 they were consolidated thanks to the album "Trench", which had an incredible reception from the specialized critics and fans , who loved the track Chlorine, one of the most popular of the entire discography.

Known for their intense live performances, this musical duo had the difficult task of surpassing or maintaining the level of the previous album. Well, the truth is that they have succeeded: "Scaled And Icy" is a work of 11 songs that highlight the feelings of confinement by COVID-19, full of sensations and in ek that the essence that made the iconic band.

The success of "Scaled and Icy"

One of the main unknowns was to see if Twenty One Pilots could reinvent itself after an overwhelming album like Trench. Precisely, it involved a great creative effort, since they created an imaginary world where the work unfolds, with conceptual themes that also give it a special touch.

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Well, in "Scaled and Icy" there is not such a clear influence from its predecessor, as there is no narrative linked to characters, although that does not mean that there is not a deep meaning in each letter. In other words, this album will be enjoyed by anyone without the need to investigate hidden messages or reference clues to certain events. The protagonism happens to be the songs, with the power of the drums to which Josh Dun has accustomed us, but also to the voice and the sound games of Tyler Joseph.

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This album is positioned as one of the most pop of the duo, with less eclectic sounds, but also more experimental. The first part of the album concentrates in the group's sound and creative power. For example, on "Good Day" we have an almost lively and very happy style, which lets us understand what the album is about.

For "Choker", the second track and one of the highest points on the entire CD, there is a surprise: it is only one of the three songs in which we hear Tyler Joseph rapping, but also in the harmony itself, which fans of videogames they will love, because it reminds us of the titles of old consoles.

The third track, "Shy Away", appears with an electronic and very moving rhythm that will fascinate all types of listeners, because it is very catchy and can become one of the most representative singles of this work. For "The Outside" we see that the same line is also followed, with an eighties trend that has fascinated us. That is to say, two very continuous songs.

"Saturday" appears as one of the most danceable singles presented by Twenty One Pilots in their entire discography. Released as one of the album's previews, this is when the influence of pop is most noticeable, all tinged with an electronic and upbeat style that fits perfectly with the album's aesthetic. At one point, the music even stops for a second, as if you were inside a disco.

From there, we have songs like "Never Take It", which also follows the style of the previous song. In "Mulberry Street", "Formidable" and "Bounce Man", which go a bit out of line that we had seen previously and generate a slightly more experimental style, which, in general terms, is also quite well elaborated.

Near the end, we stumble upon "No Chances", which has a somewhat darker and hiphopper sonic atmosphere reminiscent of "Blurryface". The last song on the album, "Redecorate", follows the same line of hip-hop, with a much more chill style, with very happy choirs that will make all fans of bands like The Weeknd fall in love. That is to say, a great closing for an excellent album.

Apparently, "Scaled and Icy" is a record work in which the American musical duo maintains the essence that we are so passionate about, but also incorporates new musical genres and is oriented towards a clear pop influence. Time will tell if he surpasses "Chlorine", but we are sure that no fan will be disappointed with this album.