The Pandemic Has Generated More Followers To Drink Coffee

Mix it up, heat it up, taste it and sit down with your cup of coffee looking at the horizon or share it with those at home with you! Coffee is a wonderful accomplice.

The Woman Post | María Consuelo Caicedo Toro

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Coffee has lovers all over the world. He's polygamous and he doesn't care! Here and there he leaves those in love with whom he flirts and conquers with his aroma and flavor and continues on his way to unknown paths where he simply lets himself be loved.

Nor do their lovers mind sharing it in times of romance, family, and friend gatherings or tasting it alone when thoughts fly to infinity, letting themselves be carried away by the cadence of the steam that emanates from the delicious infusion. As the Turkish proverb says "the perfect coffee is black as night, hot as hell, strong as sin and sweet as love."

What is it about coffee that many cannot live without tasting it? Those who know that it affects the emotions of consumers say that it provides happiness, energy, pleasure, and the desire to do things and be active. Socially, it is linked to romance and affection, peace, friendship, and tranquility.

A cup of coffee is capable of evoking traditions and fond memories. Stories, romances, moments with family and friends are woven around him.

Increase Consumption at Home

In this last year in which distance between people is the rule and in which teleworking and studying at home have kept us locked up to prevent infections due to COVID-19, coffee has raised its levels of prominence within households, given their ability to help concentration on tasks, improve memory and raise levels of performance in tasks.

Despite the closure of restaurants and cafes around the world during 2020 and so far in 2021, the consumption of coffee at home has increased, as well as the purchase of equipment to prepare it.


People undoubtedly miss meeting friends in coffee rooms and those steaming cups that are offered to the family when they get home. They also miss the quality of that hot black drink that they drank in stores in the middle of the afternoon or bought to take on the way to work. So they want to recreate the taste at home to achieve results similar to those of an experienced barista.

Enjoy It, It Is Your Accomplice!

Given the circumstances, the cup of coffee has acquired connotations that transcend the mere taste of feeling its flavor on the palate, today it is the company, support of loneliness and nostalgia, support in frustrations, and assistant in the toasts we make with friends and family to whom we cannot hug but we see through internet platforms.

Going to the kitchen to prepare a coffee can become that adventure that before was only part of the daily agenda. Mix it, heat it, taste it and sit down with your cup to look at the horizon or share it with those who are at home with you! Coffee is a wonderful accomplice.

He Is the Protagonist

Poetry has accompanied coffee since its origins, back in Ethiopia, in the province of Kaffa where, according to historians who trace the roots of the bean in an uncertain timeline, the slaves who crossed the port of Moca -who came from Sudan to Yemen and Arabia- chewed the meat of red coffee berries to stay alert and active.

The Arabs brought coffee to Turkey, Egypt, Persia, and Africa, while the Dutch, at the end of the 17th century, managed to sow some beans in greenhouses where the plants grew.

Without anyone being able to stop it, coffee traveled to Asia and Europe and eventually to the Americas, where it was cultivated in the early 18th century. Some time ago, this grain gained a privileged position in the daily becoming of millions of its lovers, it stars as an ingredient in many versions of world cuisine, it is a guest in houses of all latitudes and a king of breakfasts, after-meals, sunny mornings and rainy afternoons. The world is the home of coffee.

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