Who is John C Malone, the billionaire owner of Formula 1?

This is the man behind Liberty Media, the mass media company that controls Formula 1 .

John c malone

In 2016, John C Malone became the owner of one of the most popular motorsports on the planet. . Photo: thegentlemansjournal

LatinAmerican Post| Juan Manuel Londoño

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In 2016, Liberty Media bought Formula 1 for $ 4.4 billion and with this astronomical figure John C Malone became the owner of one of the most popular motorsports on the planet.

Malone may be one of the most powerful men in the world whose name is unknown to many. But with a net worth of $ 7.9 billion, this o ctogenarian ranks 316 of the richest people in the world, according to Forbes. Known as "The Cable Cowboy" Malone is famous for his mergers and acquisitions in the cable television business since 1990.

However, this does not stop there. According to The Land Report, an American magazine specializing in topics of interest to those who own or seek to own or invest in land, Malone is the man who owns the most private hectares in the United States with 2,200,000 hectares. One of his most extravagant possessions is Humewood Castle, a 32,668-square-foot mansion located in Ireland.

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His fortune is as multifaceted as it is enormous. Malone not only owns Liberty Media, but he is also majority owner of Liberty Global and Liberty Interactive and has 7% of Lionsgate and Starz Inc. As for sports, we can also say that Malone owns the Atlanta Braves, a MLB team with an estimated value of $ 1.875 billion.

Malone is a highly educated man, with a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University, a Master of Science from Johns Hopkins University, and a Bachelor of Arts / Science from Yale University.

Politically, he identifies as a libertarian, in fact for a time he was president of the Cato Institute, a laboratory of ideas related to this political trend. In 2016, he supported the candidacy of Donald Trump and donated 1 million dollars for his inauguration.

However, his stance changed with Trump's second candidacy. During this, he decided to support the ultra-millionaire Michael Bloomberg. Malone said of the former president that: “Half of the people he hired and threw under the bus are now trying to kill him. I mean, what is that? It's chaos ”in an interview with MSNBC.